Severe itch-should I be worried??

My skin has been quite itcy on and off for the past week or two but it seems to be getting worse. My skin isn't dry or flaky just incredibly itchy. I am a wee bit worried to be honest bout that oc thing- does anyone know is that itch all over?? Are there any other symptoms???

I am itchy all over but particularly my lower legs (which are also a wee bit swollen) up to my knees and also my face, neck and scalp. I have tried everything but it won't go away. Am I being paranoid??

It is so bad I am having trouble sleeping and constantly scratching is quite embarrasing- I feel like a dog with fleas lol


  • Hi - OC is normally associated with itching of the feet and hands which is what I have had. Also your bloods will be abnormal as your liver starts to function abnormally. I have been diagnosed with this and am having weekly blood tests, have had steroids to mature baby's lungs and am on vitamin k. Though I am 37 weeks on Tuesday, so not so worried now as they will induce me shortly.

    I know that there is another itching/rash in pregnancy called PUPPS which is all over. Gazo in the November forum had it really badly, so you could have a look in there at her threads.

    I would also ask you midwife about a bloodtest for OC.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Cally much appreciated xx
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