Nipple leak at work... Argh

I am at work at my desk and just have been to the toilet and on my white top, exactly where my left nipple is, is a small stain around the size of a 2p! Argh, I am horrified....

This is the first time its happened... and what happens now? I have no idea? Is this normal at 26 wks?

Its freaked me out! lol.

Em x

(posted in feb too)


  • Hi Em,

    Bloody awful isn't it! i've been getting it from roughly 16 wks but has got worse this last week. my oh finds it very amusing! so i'm finding new ways of torturing him.

    I just wear breast pads, saves alot of embarrassment.


  • The joys of expecting, mine have been leaking for few weeks now. Not nice! (at least we know they're working)
  • invest in some breast pads, thats about the only advice i can give.
  • OMG im just waiting for this to happen! although i dont think everyone has it as my friend is 33 weeks and hasnt had it yet. I have the breast pads at the ready tho!

    Thank god you was wearing white hun!

    Anna 24+5
  • oh my, i didn't think it wld start until about 35 weeks lol, i must be somewhat naive. i think i'll be going on a hunt for some breats pads just in case then


  • I was gutted and my tops are ruined, plus the smell! urgh.


    What smell?! I've been leaking since 18 wks and haven't noticed any smells :\? I wear pads but sometimes dont at night and my pj tops haven't been ruined either
  • No not noticed any smells!! It was clear and sometimes still is, but its often thick and yellow now so I'm guessing it's the colostrum. I'm glad it happens, though it is a pain when it catches me out, but at least I know I'm getting ready for this baby image
  • I do have breast pads, so I will carry a couple with me from now on.

    However it was such a tiny amount and only from the left breast, but what i did notice was after i had noticed the stain, both my breasts ached for the rest of the day, like a dull ache.

    There was no smell to this stain.

    And since i have been home from work, i gave my nipple a quick squeeze, to see if anything happened, and nothing???

    Em x
  • Em, I had this from quite early on too, I think about 20 weeks. Like you it's only every a tiny amount so I use makeup remover pads as they're so small and thin. Might be worth a go and will save you a ton of money.

    I too found that in the early days nipple-squeezing didn't do much - the leaks were just random. From about 25 weeks though squeezing did it too.

    36 weeks today

  • I have been binding my breasts by wearing underwired bras. It was a tip from a friend who herself hated her breasts leaking whilst pregnant and was told by GP to bind them.

    ok i'm actually a little worried now? what is this binding? and how does underwires effect it? i am hoping to breast feed and can only wear underwires at the mo cos no where here sells mat or nursing bras in a G cup. when i asked my doc at the beginning of my pregnancy about maternity bras being unavailable he said that underwires shldn't pose a problem, so now i'm utterly confused and a little freaked out that i cld be hindering my chances to breast feed my son properly when he's born


  • Siany, don't worry. As long as your bra's are properly fitted then there is no danger of it affecting your bfing. You have to be a little bit careful with underwired bras because if they don't fit properly they can compress your milk ducts and lead to mastitis (very unpleasant!) regardless of whether or not you wan to bfed. TBH I've never heard of binding your breasts to stop milk production, pressure on your nipples will stop milk leaking out but putting presure on the rest of your breasts sounds like a very bad idea to me.

    P.S. Gatecrashing from Baby but I didn't want you to worry image
  • i breastfed my daughter for just over 5 months and leaked alot of milk and i cant ever say that it smelt, or it stained my clothes and i woke up more than once with my top soaked right through but it came out in the washing machine.

    Hannah 17+5 xx
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