triple test results - if bad news do you hear straight away?

hello everyone,

we had the triple test done last friday, so 8-9 days ago. we have not heard anything about the result. if it was bad news do you hear straight away? the reason i ask is my aunty was high risk and her midwife came round to see her at her home a couple of days after to tell her. is that how it always works? is it different depending were you live? and can you get a high risk result in a letter 2 weeks after the test? sorry for all the questions.

hope you are all well.


  • grrr just replied to this!!


    hi firsttimer

    i'm not sure as when i had mine done i was still living in belgium and the system is different there to here but i shld imagine that if tyhe results show a high risk then they will probably ophone to arrange a meetiing to discuss the results, whereas if everything comes back within the normal ranges u'll just get the results at the next antenatal appointment. but like i say, don't quote me on that, but i very much doubt that if the resukts were high risk that they wld just notify u by letter, really wld be appauling if they just sent a letter with high risk results.

    and don't apologise for the asking questions lol, thats what we're all here for image

    hope this helps
  • hi, thanks for all your replies. they have made me feel a lot better. hope you are all well. xxx
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