Drinking in early Pregnancy

I was due my period on Monday and am never late. I took a pregnancy test this morning and I'm pregnant.

I'm happy about it despite it being unplanned but worried that I may have harmed the baby in the early weeks through drinking when I didn't know. I must be between 1-3 weeks I imagine and in the past week and half I have drank 12 normal pints of lager whilst out. The last time was on Sunday when I had 4 cans of lager

Should I be worried? :? image


  • No.

    I was on the pill and didnt know i was pregnant until i was 7 weeks gone and had been smoking 20 a day and drinking ALOT! (As in a bottle of wine before heading out on the town to drink 10/12 alcopops/vodkas/shots)

    Im 25+1 with a healthy baby girl.

    These things happen just try cut back from now on. image

  • you can't undo anything you've done. I fell pregnant on honeymoon in Mexico while downing tequilas and sipping on margheritas. Also smoking lots and taking anti-histamines. Didn't find out till I was 7wks.
    Anyway, now 20wks with healthy baby. I still treat myself to a cheeky half lager every now and again ! S x
  • Hiya,
    I didn't find out was pregnant til i was 8.5 weeks (it was unplanned) and was goin out getin v drunk a lot. I'm now 33+4 and so far everythin appears to be fine. there's no point beatin urself up bout it jst cut back now
  • I would just be sensible now, I think unless you are trying seriously most people carry on drinking until they find out, I drank far to much red wine the saturday night before I found out I was pregnant, just didnt think I would get pregnant so fast. Got to be honest thought the wine did taste funny so maybe my body was telling me something wasnt right then!
  • don't worry, we had a great party one night, emptyed god knows how many bottles of vodka and larger, my sis though she had a really, really bad hangover, it wasn't till a few weeks later she found out, he's 5 now, and theres nothing wrong with him.
  • I got pregnant with Millie in December and only found out on Jan the 3rd when my New Years hangover still hadn't gone away! It had been my sisters 21st over the new year as well so I had been doing a serious amount of celebrating. Millie is now 20 months old. This time round I got pregnant whilst on an all inclusive holiday and then had to live with my mum and dad while we waited for our new house. The free babysitters meant that, again, I had drunk a lot in the week before finding out and this one also seems to be fine.
  • Thanks for the replies. Haven't a clue how far gone I am or when I conceived. I've even been checking on the net and found that for the first few weeks after fertilisation it is more a chemical pregnancy as the placenta hasn't formed yet. So I suppose hopefully no alcohol could get to the baby through my blood anyway.

    My mind has been eased a little now.
  • As the other girls have said there's no need to worry. There was a family anniversary party before I found out about my son and I must've had about 6 double vodkas & tonics lol and a few cans the following night. My son's now 4 days old and fine. I had the odd drink when I was pregnant too. xxx
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