Deep vein thrombosis??? WORRIED!!!

Since this morning I had a painful lower leg and it has gradually got more and more achy. I havn't done anything to have injured my leg and it isn't that sort of pain anyway, its like a deep aching sensation and nothing relieves it. I just looked up my symptoms on google (as you do) and have discovered that it could be a DVT. Should I wait and go to the gp in the morning or should I see someone asap? Has anyone suffered DVT before??? I'm crapping myself tbh!


  • if you suspect dvt, pls go get it looked at!!! is the sore leg noticeably larger than ur other leg? i had a scare similar to urs in my last pregnancy, and my leg was measured, and it was slightly larger than my good leg, luckily it was a false alarm, but its much better to get it looked at and be told it's ok, than to leave it and it's something sinister!!!! hope ur ok thou hun xxxxx
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    If you suspect that it might be dvt then you should get it checked out asap. My sister suffers from blood clots and it was severe when she was pregnant as your blood thickens. Better to be safe that sorry clots can move about the body.

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  • crampy achy legs are very common in pregnancy anyway hun just mention it to your mw to be on the safe side if you are worried, but i suffer one leg more than the other and nothing gets rid its really uncomfotable and if you have pulled a muscle it will get slightly worse, no harm in mentioning it and better to put your mind at rest xx
  • i had a dvt so i'm begging u go get it checked out if nothing else it will put ur mind at rest. also u can get pregnancy tights which help to stop the devolopment of clots and work also if u suffer from painful legs.

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