Still spotting!

Ive been spotting for a week now, just feel like its never going to end!! Have to wait until 20th March for next scan but as theres no pain and no blood (its light brown discharge, much like cm) theres nothing else I can do but wait! Its beginning to take over my life as Ive become such an avid knicker checker, I feel like Im constantly waiting for it to turn red and flowing or waiting for the pains. I'll only be 7 weeks this week, I just cant relax!


  • Put your feet up honey with a nice drink. Think happy thoughts too. I used to spend hours day dreaming about what my child might look like, how he/she will behave etc Happy hormones will be good fo the baby too.

    All the best Chick, Denise xx
  • Hi,

    I too didn't know I was PG until 13 weeks so I had been having what I assumed was my period & then when I started bleeding at 16 weeks I went into a panic & I bled for 5 days but it was only wee spots- it was a small cut in the cervix & nothing to worry about so even though this is easier said than done you shold put it out of your mind & try to relax you'll be fine.

    Lauren (37+1) xx
  • Fran try not to worry i had an early scan last tueday as i had been bleeding much like u more like brown discharge and everything was absoloutly fine and even now a week on i am getting odd bit of brown blood im confident ul be fine like the other girls said just try to relax i know its hard babe but keep ur chin up
    Jo x

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