What is maternity care like in differnet countries?

Having just read a post from Greek Baby, where she says that during a CSection in Greece your arms are tied down to a wooden board (!), that you are not allowed to sit on a toilet seat after so have to squat (!) and that you are not allowed to eat for 4 days after (!) I am curious to know if there are any other strange practises going on in other countires.
At my antenatal classes there was a man from South Africa who said that CSections are offered as a matter of choice to everyone, where as over here unless you have a medical condition (or are famous and going private!) you would really struggle to get one simply beacause your too posh to push.
I know there are a lot of concerns about our maternity care at the moment and am wondering if it really is as bad as we think or are we actually quite lucky??:roll:


  • After reading that i think we are definately lucky. I have no experience of child birth in other countries but it would be interesting to read what happens in them.
  • My friend gave birth to her 2nd child in USA. She said the standard of care she received over there was amazing compared to the maternity care she got in UK.
    She was offerened repetative scans, with the option of 3d. Her husband stayed in hopspital with her in her private room the night before and after she gave birth in a bed that could be connected to her hospital bed.
    Admitedly as you pay medical insurance you are technically paying for this care rather than NHS. S x
  • I would love to have the option of having my husband stay with me in the room, I know you can pay for a private room in the hospital I'm at ??80 - ??120 per night depending on which room you get but Dads still have to keep to visiting times.
  • R u going private zoey? Wish my oh was able to say with me
  • Wow that's got to b the best NHS hospital i've ever heard of! At the hospital i'm given birth at apparently it's pot luck if u get a private room, so mayb i'll b lucky!
  • Hi
    I live in Bahrain which is in the Middle East between Saudi and Iran.
    We as expats have to have private health insurance so we pay for it.
    I have had 2 kids in the UK and 3 here so I can compare.
    2 births were natural and I had choice of pain management, water births etc... you do get more one to one care from mw etc as they have more staff and more time. Last baby was section and yes, I was strapped to board like crucifix! It was emergency section so TBH I did not give it much thought as more concerned that baby OK. I had to stay in 5 nights min (3 nights normal birth) thats because no mw or hv come out to you so best to stay in. I could not eat for 24 hours ..only water and black tea! You have own room and there is not such thing as shared wards (unless go to state hospitals which are very grim!) OH and in fact all the family could stay but I said..no bugger off and give me some peace. The rooms are all ensuite and very plush with sofas etc. This is because the local ladies have to recieive the women of family to show off baby!
    Other than that the care is just the same really. Did miss giving birth at home as family cant just pop in to see you. Saying that though my 2 sisters, one brother and my in laws have all been to see us in last 6 weeks.

    d x
    ps...to answer question..yes we are lucky to have NHS.I know it has its problems but imaging having to pay for everything (though I know you do through tax!)
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