Not great scan results


I thought I was 6+2 today and went for a early scan as I had a slight bit of bleeding last week. They did a u/s and a vaginal scan. All they could see what an empty sac and when the measured it they said it was about the size for 5 weeks. I have to go back in TWO weeks for another scan. They said it might just be too small to see anything yet.

Should I be preparing for the worst? :cry:


  • Try not to worry - I had exactly the same thing happen to me !

    I went for a scan as when i got my BFP the dates worked out that I was 12 weeks. When we had the vaginal scan done they could see the gestational sack but nothing else at all ! They said I must be less than 5 weeks pregnant.

    I had to go back a week later and be scanned again and it was then that they found the teeny tiny bean.

    Working out dates can be very hard if your af's are irregular (as mine were- 96 days long stupid !!!).

    Fingers crossed for you, try to stay positive !

    Mrs W

  • Yes, same thing happened to me. I had some bad pain & went for a scan at 7 weeks by my dates and they saw the sac and told me to go back in two weeks. When I went back they saw the heartbeat & the baby was only 1cm long which put me at exactly 7 weeks so I was only 5 weeks the first time.

    Anyway turned out the pain was a UTI so was nothing to worry about.

    Hope it all works out ok for you. Try to relax in the meantime & I hope the next two weeks go by very quickly! xx
  • Hello,

    Thanks very much for your kind words. I am feeling a bit more positive about it today and trying to keep up my PMA.

    Thanks again, xx
  • Hello hun, same thing happened to me when i had a bleed very early in pregnancy. They scanned me at what i thought was 6 and a half weeks and all they saw was the sack and nothing else. I was told it was either a case of wrong dates, a missed miscarriage or it had stopped growing. I was told to come back in 2 weeks for another scan and when i did there was my bean, pulsing heartbeat and all on the screen. It turned out my dates were out but only by a few days!!! Im now 21 wks and 3 days gone. So please try stay positive as everything could still be very much ok.

    Im keeping my fingers crossed and please keep us updated hun. Loads of sticky babydust coming your way!!!

    Suzi xxx
  • hey hun, i went thru something similar, i had a suspected ectopic, so was sent to epac for scans and bloods. like you all that was found was an empty sac dated at 5 wks ( i thought i was 7!!) told to have my hcg and progesterone measured and come back in 10 days depending on test results. my bloods came back the following day, my hcg was 10,616, and my progesterone at 61.1. the gynae nurse said that with figures like that a fetal pole and heartbeat should have been seen and that i should prepare myself for the worst (i've already had 2 missed mc prior to this scare this yr so i gave up completely!!!!) i was called back early for the scan cause they didn't see the point in waiting, and wanted to gets some sort of management sarted, so my hubs and i went in completely prepared to be told sorry this is a blighted ovum, and at first it looked like this was the case, but the sonographer realised i have a tilted uterus and decided to do a transvaginal scan. BINGO there was beanie heart pumpin and everything. beanie was dated at 6 wks!!! funny thing was thou when iwent 4 12 wk scan i was supposedly 10 wks, they put my dates back up 2 12 based on beanies crl measurement! (exactly what i thought i should've been in the 1st place!!!) so please don't give up hope until you are told with a cast iron guarantee that there is none!!! i'd given up completely, only to find light at the end of a very dark long tunnel!!! i'm now 15+6, stay positive!!! all my luv and best wishes 4 a happy outcome rachie xx
  • Thanks very much, they are both very lovely stories and definately help to keep up my PMA. Good luck to you both with your pregnancies, xx
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