Baby is in OP position, need advise on excercise's


Im 39+6 days pregnant and i was at themidwifes today, babys head has poped out of position and has completely moved and has tucked her head around my back the midwife said she is in the oplimal position ? there is no chance of me going untill i move her and get her head engaged. Can anyone advise any excercises ive been using my ball but all i know is that i cant sloch etc that my knees have to be infornt of my pelvis. Im booked in for a sweep next Tues but that wont work unless her head is engaged either . I really need to get this babys head engaged so any advise would be great. Thanks


  • hiya do nu mean the posterier pos? (i cant spell it1) where they are facing ur back? coz mine keeps doing this, sometimes he is in normal posistion and then he goes so that hes facing my back, he keeps doing this lol! i was told to not slouch, use a birthing ball and sit forward every now and again, my bubs is 2/5ths engaged, sorry not much advice but if it is same then they can move down, just make sure u keep moving around to help get babys head down. Im 39 +1 weeks xxxx
  • Hi!! I crash here the odd time from baby forum (soz girls) I don't usually reply just have a nosey lol but........................

    my lo was posterier position and he kept turning-luckily he did end up the right way round for labour but you CAN give birth the other way its just more difficult.

    You never know your lo may get into position. I know that when a baby is breech they tell you to kneel on all fours and stick your bum in the air and I tried this and I think this may have helped turn Reuben in time for birth.

    All the best hope you get the wee rascal turned and engaged soon
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