Heard 2 heartbeats on my doppler!?

Yesterday I was listening to baby's heartbeat on my doppler and I could definitely hear what sounded like 2 heartbeats! I am rather confused! My 12week scan only showed one baby. The heartbeats were both too fast to be mine. My oh doubted it until I made him listen. If i pointed the doppler slightly to the left I could hear one and then to the right and i could hear another. If i held it in the middle i could hear both at the same time (slightly out of sinc). I was thinking perhaps i was hearing an echo? Has anyone else experienced this or has anyone else got an opinion of what it could be? x x :\?


  • Hi jennie, it could be your placenta? Have u heard it at the midwife yet? Your placenta makes a swooshing sound, but can be confused as a heartbeat. As the heart gets stronger, u can definately tell which is which. Hope this helps! x
  • Hi Jennie,
    As well as being part of the TTC gang, I am also a midwife, I reckon that you probably heard the placental blood flow. Was a bit more whooshy than galloping horse sounding?? What gestation are you? Bx
  • Yeah the two definitely sounded different. I'm 18weeks at the mo. Thanks girls that makes more sense! x
  • I thought I'd heard two last night and was laughing!!!!
  • hi. it could have also been a rebound off your placenta. i had this in my 1st pregnancy, but htere was definately only one baby. xx
  • I knwo theres only one baby hence my rather small cute lil football of a bump! LOL!
  • Hi I heard what I thought was two different but heartbeats but I think it was the placenta because it was like heartbeat but with a swooshing soun to it. I think this might of been what I was listening to for the first couple of times...Lisa xxx
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