I didn't have a wee last night!

Last night was the first night since my BFP that I didnt get up and have a wee, at least once.

I couldn't believe it as soon as I opened my eyes I said to o/h 'I didnt get up for a wee last night'. I know it sounds silly but its so frustrating getting up after a couple of hours sleep.

At 12 weeks apparently the baby is moving off the bladder so the pressure should stop until the third trimester.

Hope this is a sign of things to come and I can get some decent sleep for a little while!

Georgie 12+6 xxx


  • That sounds just like me!

    In the early days I was up at least once usually more then it settled and now at 27wks I cannot MOVE without needing to get up and go- its a bugger as we only have a downstairs bathroom!
  • I'm looking forward to this - I tend to only get up once in the night but as you said its interupted sleep and you feel more tired... we need our sleep for when the babies arrive... xx
  • Yes we have a downstairs bathroom too - so annoying! x
  • I'm nearly 18 weeks and although not as bad still up at least 5 times a night yawn.......
  • Oh you lucky thing i am still having to get up in the night, I can't wait till that stops as well

    K xx
    13 weeks today
  • ahhh your so lucky! i get up atleast twice, very rare that i go a whole night without getting up these days image xxx
  • ur lucky is right i have to get up at least twice too. the one time i didn't have to get up i was worried something was wrong but i need not have worried as all that day i had to keep going to the toilet nearly every hour LOL. and it was always when a customer was waiting to to looked after ahhhh well LOL

  • omg you are so luck, I got up 3 times last night and then often have a hard time getting back to sleep, hope you are good.


  • oh i cant wait for this - im getting up at least twice for a wee and more to be sick!
    im fed up!!


  • I'm now 33+4 and honestly can't remember the last time I didn't have to get up - Can now get to the toilet and wee in my sleep!!!
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