Had a bleed..Worried sick

Hi ladies

I had a bleed this morning at 8 am. Was brownish after i had a wee then when i was in shower getting washwd went more red. I felt sick to my stomach. I phoned nhs direct who advised to rest. Couldnt settle so hubby came home from work & we went to gp. He & a nurse examined me & said my cervix is closed & to go home to rest. Im so worried i know some girls on here have had early bleed & suppose i need some reassurance. I was brave for hubby as i could see he was really worried. Hes had to go back to work but im so scared.

Annette xx



  • oh sweetie you poor thing, i had major cramping last night and hubby has gone awy to work for 2 weeks & im freaking out something is wrong.

    Alot of girls have bleeding and i think its only naturl to feel how you are, try & sleep tody nd rest as much as possible.

    hope everything is fine honey, get your feet up and rest.
  • Hi Mrs Alston, Do try and rest and take it easy. As you say lots of ladies myself included have had early bleeds and there pregnancies have continued. I had 2 bleeds one at week 8 the next at week 9. One scan inbetween and it was fine. I am 12 weeks now so out of the high risk zone but i still get worried from time to time.

    The bleed you are experiancing could be anything from implantation to cervix opening leaking but the fact the MW has examined you and said its ok it a good thing. ts too early for a scan so just try and rest. If the pain or flow increases call your Drs.
    fingers crossed , sending you sticky babydust xxx
  • I have had two bleeds. 1st at 4.5 weeks (browny watery coour) and then some spotting at 9.5 weeks. Sometimes it means nothing bad....especially whenyou have no pain. i panicked too though!!



  • try and not worry,bleeding is more common than you think in pregnancy,on my last pregnancy i had a fresh bleed at 7wks and one at 13wks and also passed clots and my babies were fine

  • Thanks to those who replied,i have had some brownish when wiping but nothing more. Some light cramps but they are normal in early preg anyway..telling myself that anyway!!
    Im praying nothing more comes of it.
    Thanks Annette xx


  • Hey
    I had 2 bleeds in my pregnancy one at 6 weeks which was on and off for about a week, then one at 26 weeks, both times it was nothing just really scary!
    The gp sent me for a scan at 6+3 to see what was going on and the reassured me heaps maybe u could request one?
    Clarkie 35+3
  • Thanks clarkie i was thinking about it. if i wake up in morning with some then i think i will phone & request one. I know that it would put my mind at rest. Fingers crossed X.

    Annette xx

  • I went to A&E the second time as I was worried - you can always do that - they wont turn you away! xxx
  • Ive had 2 quite heavy bright red bleeds and everything is fine. Everything crossed it will be same for you hun. Bleeding is very common
  • hi

    i had a bleed at 7 weeks another at 7+1 and one a week after that, had my 12 week scan on weds and all was perfect, bleeds are very common. i also had another bleed today at 13+1. have you had any pain? usualy if you dont have any pain, its ok.

    ashy 13+1
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