Return of morning sickness at 27+6!

Oh I thought this was over!

As a teacher I've had the last 5 weeks off but started back at work on Monday 16th. Since about Wednesday I've been sick again when I clean my teeth in the morning - this hasn't happened for about 10 weeks!

Do you think its related to waking by an alarm clock and being generally more tired, rather than waking when my body is ready?

Its a bit rubbish - its bad enough being back at work as it is!



  • I have the horrible taste back in my mouth and general yuckiness in a morning esp when brushing teeth. This happened last time but didn't last long. Fingers crossed it'll stop for us both soon., x
  • I feel your pain ... i had morning sickness on and off throughout my pregnancy and it was awful. Only now that the baby has dropped has it gone altogether. I always found that brushing my teeth made me feel sick and for some reason swallowing was a problem too.

    I reverted back to the seasick bands if that helps. Not long now, so you shouldn't be suffering much longer.

    M x 39+6
  • Its brushing my teeth thats causing the major problem Mama Mads - I can't clean them without the sickness! This has gone on since early pregnancy, then a week ago I went to the dentist and found out I have to have TWO fillings after baby is born! This is what morning sickness has done to me!
  • rushing my teeth always resulted in sickness with me too. it stopped when i was about 31 weeks, and the first day back after the christmas holidays
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