cot bedding and mobile clamps - HELP!

Hi Girls

I know this sounds daft but I have no idea how to make up the babys cot and swinging crib.

I have put the matress down and have a variety of flat sheets, cellular blankets and fleece blankets.

Can you put a bumper on a cot with a new born? If so which side, head or feet?

Also I bought a M&P mobile and the clamp on the inside of the cot seems really bulky, where do you position it? I'm so confused..

I'm having a winter baby, am due end of november, how much bedding do you use, do you swaddle the baby or just cover with blankets, someone please help me before my head explodes! XX


  • First, bumpers can be used until baby can move around/crawl etc. They go around the top of the cot. Usually advised to take them out as baby starts moving around incase they get tangled in them.

    The mobile should clamp on to the top rail fo the cot (the stationary one obv.)

    Blankets should be tucked in to the mattress, snugly (but not too tight) around baby to prevent the baby getting tangled in them during the night. Number of blankets really depends on how warm your room is hun
  • Thanks, the clamp is near the head of the cot at the moment on the top rail but seems to be really bulky, can it be moved down to the middle of the cot or covered by the bumper to cover the plastic.

    Also, do you put a sheet down first then several blankets, not sure how many??
  • Yeah, the clamp can be moved down, as baby will be laid at the bottom of the cot you want it where he/she can look up at it comfortably. I wouldn't worry about trying to cover it up, they are bulky, but just go with it.

    With mine (from what I remember, it's six years ago lol). I'd have a fitted bottom sheet, then would have a flat cotton sheet and a couple of cellular blankets folded over.
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