update on bleeding -update had my scan today

As some of you may be aware I started bleeding last Saturday only a bit at first it was red blood but within 30 mins went to brown and was not much at all but still went to the maturnity hospital, still a pregnancy test that was positive said it could be implantation and have to have a scan at 7 weeks that will be this Monday.

Still bleeding slightly, not much in knickers and it comes and goes, when I think its gone a few hours later its back again. Still got pregnancy symptons, hungary weeing sore boobs and they are fuller also. Done another cheap test on Monday and it was positive and again today and that was positive.
Do you think that this is still a good sign.

Bleeding has more or less stopped thats good, went for my scan this morning......

All is well there is just the one baby and I am 7 weeks, things appear to be ok, saw its heartbeat flickering away on the screen.


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  • hope all goes well for you on monday, good luck hun. xxx
  • tbh I dont know if positive tests are a good sign as Im not sure how long hcg levels take to drop if it is worst case scenario. But all the symptoms you are still getting are a really good sign. I have everything crossed for you hun, hopefully its just one of those things.
    I hope the weekend doesnt drag too much for you and that monday brings you good news.

    Love lisa xxx
  • Thanks Lisao I did not realise until babbybooboo just told me that it takes a while for hcg levels to go it things are not good, trying to be postive.

  • hope all goes well for u on monday...

    keep us updated

  • Hello Sweetie, just wanted to say all the best for your scan on Monday and that I have everything crossed that all will be ok. They do say some bleeding in early pregnancy is not at all unusual, but I know from experence that it's impossible to say not to worry. I have had 2 very heavy bleeds in week 5 and week 7 both have had protracted brown spotting afterwards, but each time the bean has been bouncing away at the scan; so try to take some comfort that not all bleeding is bad news. Am sending buckets of pma your way and will be thinking about you tomorrow. xx
  • slippers how long did brown blood last for mine has been on and off for a whole week now, not much in knickers.

  • hi Glad to hear that everything went well, i had exactly the same, i also had bleeding at around 12 weeks, the hospital told me that basically it was probably the fact that my body was still getting used to the idea of being pregnant and that the bleeds would have been when my normal period would have been
  • rebecca im so pleased everything went well for you today. Im sure its a great relief for you. Hopefully everything will be straightforward for you from now on

    Lisa xxx
  • thats fab news!! u will b able 2 relax alil now.
    luv clare
  • fantastic news chick x x x
  • Hi Grudie thank you, hows hubby and his job

  • Hi hun - so pleased all was well today. You must be releaved.
    Its amazing seeing that tiny little flicker isn't it.

  • thats great news, you can relax now image take care xxx
  • i'm so happy everything went ok. just remember to rest as much as u can.

  • Thanks ladies Mrs N have you changed your aviator.
  • That's really good news- I bet you feel so relieved!

    11+4 x
  • Thats great love



  • So pleased it went well - keep your feet up and rest x x
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