FAO Crystal24

Hiya Crystal,

Sorry if i've brought up a subject you don't want to talk about but wanted to see how you were, i haven't seen you on here for a while and wondered how things have been and if your going to go for your check-up/scan? thought it was today!!

Really hope your well!
Take care

Samantha xx


  • Yeah were all thinking of you hun and are here if you need us


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  • Hi ladys aww just saw this post thank you so much for thnking of me they found baby and heartbeat im still in total shock because of the bleeding and clots they have put me on daily injections ouch progestreone tabs asprin and im guna need scan every two weeks. But looks like my lil bean is a fighter. Cant thank u ladys enough for supporting me. Lots love crystal x x.
  • aww crystal, I'm sooo happy for you. been wondering how oyou are. how far on did they date you as?

  • Fab news,your little bean is one strong fighter! xx
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