Nappy Wrapper?

Hi all

How many of you have bought a nappy wrapper to use and / or have used one in the past and got lots of use out of it?

We think we have decided not to go with re-useables anymore so now I'm wondering if we should get the nappy wrapper instead?

They are a tenner in Mothercare... but a tenner could be spent on something else if its really not needed!

Thanks everyone,
Joo xxx


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  • ive heard in bounty pack you get voucher to get one for a fiver. my friend has given me one, in 3 storey house so have it for in nursery on top floor.
  • I wasn't planning to get one but I seem to recall someone saying that you get a voucher for a free one in your bounty pack after you give birth? Perhaps one of the ladies on "Baby" will confirm x
  • i got one with my first and have got one again for this baby, it doesnt get used THAT often but i think its good on a night, if the baby needs changing through the night its so much easier to just be able to pop in in that than have to keep runnin up and down the stairs at all hours, so we keep ours in our bedroom, its great as they dont smell at all.

  • i had one and never used it. the cartridges are very expensive.

    i also found it smelt really badly even being emptied every day. i just put nappies in sack and outside bin x
  • I have used these as a nanny and think they are great for upstairs, (no point downstairs as you can use kitchen bin) as when you go down you quite often have enough to carry (like the baby) and having to carry individual dirty nappies as well, is just a pain. Also, the cartridges last ages (about a month usually), and generally work out much cheaper than individual nappy sacks.

    I notice that the tomme tippee one (the one that is on "sale" for ??10 - everywhere) has an extra bit of plaastic incorporated, which seems to make it "seal" the nappy more effectively, and hopefully reduce the smell, but after 10 years as a nanny and nursery nurse - I've not found them to be that smelly anyway.

    Also - if the smell is a problem, then make sure you get the right cartridge for your baby's age!
  • I've got one wasn't gonna bother because I thought it wasn't really a necessity but my mum bought us it cuz they're on offer at Asda for baby week.
  • Thanks everyone!
    I'm still torn!
    Maybe I'll see if I can wangle one as a gift!!! LOL

    Joo xxx
  • I have just had my baby and i got a ??20 voucher for a nappy wrapper from argos in the bounty pack, they are ??24.99 and you get a cartridge with it. We are going to get one simply because its a fiver and put it in the kids bedroom so we just use it when we change nappys upstairs.

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