protein in urine

i just wondered if anyone can shed any light for me as i ahve made a terrible mistake and googled the 3 plus's in my urine and i am now terrified, my bp is low though but i have swollen feet and lower legs and i do feel slightly sick but i have sufffered from hyperemisis this pregnancie, i am now really worried something is wrong what should i do?

thank you

a very worried 33+5 wks


  • Hi - it's me again!!!

    I've got 2 ++ in my protein too - it's very bad news to google these things - I did exactly the same yesterday and scared myself half to death!!

    Wonder if it can have something to do with the hyperemesis, since I have it too - my BP is not stupidly high, but I am seriously sick today!!

    Have you tried ringing the midwife and asking them? Do you have an out of hours service? Or perhaps ring NHS Direct and ask for their opinion (although remember they are not experts in babies!)

    Keep us informed sweetie, but try to relax...

    C xxx
  • hiya, i went to mw this morning becaus ei felt generally crap and had period type pains on and off down really low, baby is moving fine she is in training for the moscow state circus i think, but i keep also thinking that the really bad wind pains i get in my ribs are connected too, i will see how i get on tonight and if i still feel like this tommorow i will ring the labour ward thanks for you thoughts xx sorry to hear you are having a bad day too
  • Just remember that whilst you can still feel her doing her acrobatics, she's doing fine!! I take it the midwife listening to her heartbeat as well?!!

    Have you tried a nice long soak in the bath? I had pains in my ribs yesterday (which took my breath away) and had a Radox bath which seemed to ease the pain..

    Worth a try..

    lots of love
    C xxxx
  • your a diamond! i think i will take your advice mrs x
  • Good girl!!!

    I am an expert, you know!!!!!

    C xxx
  • Ive posted a reply to you in the April Forum Huni

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