FAO cate

Hi Cate

first of all a huge congrats on your BFP!!!!
You said on your post that you have been feeling all week as if AF was on her way. I am 9dpo today and for last 5 days ish I have been having odd twinges and dull ache and sore boobs. Last night laying in bed it felt like something was being pulled in my abdomen, and this afternoon the dull aching feeling is more intense!!!



  • Thanks Rache. Apparently it's really common to feel like the witch is on her way, but I would have bet my Grandmother on the fact she was coming! I haven't had any pulling feelings, but that's a really good sign. When are you going to test? I really have my fingers crossed for your BFP!!
  • Thanks cate!!! I will be 11dpo tomorrow so think I might test in the morning!!! I also have toothache today!!! when I told my mum she said ohh I had toothache when I first found out I was pg with you!!!- never heard of this being a symptom but I hope it is for me!!!!
  • good luck rache, hope you get a BFP in the morning. xxx
  • thanks firsttimer me too!!!! I just know I will be devastated after my symptoms this month!!! I really wouldnt want to have these aches. sore boobs and twinges evry month but for my bfp I would suffer them gladly
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