Tall Persons Maternity Clothes

A friend of mine has just discovered she is pregnant and is already panicing about maternity clothes, whe is very tall and needs a 35" leg, have tried Blooming Marvellous and JoJo Maman Bebe for her but 33" is the longest they do, does anyone know where she can get long one's from?:\?



  • I'm tall at 5''11 and Next is brilliant for long trousers and also do Maternity. Go for the XL (extra long) ...sometimes there even too long it's great!!

    Good Luck xxxx
  • the clothes store H&M do maternity 4 the taller girlies, i found out when i was out looking 4 sum, as im a shortarse!! 5ft1!! hope that helps hun x
  • I am 6ft2 and all my maternity wear was next
  • hi funmum.com cater for both tall and petite ladies it can be quite expensive but the clothes are lovely and they do a lot of sales too.

    hope this helps xx
  • Thanks for all your reply's, looks like a joint shopping trip to Next & H&M is in order!!
  • I found next xl was'nt long enough for me! Topshop do maternity trousers up to 36inch leg and they're really comfortable and trendy too. Brought mine off of ebay! x
  • Im glad someone brought this up but my problem is finding trousers and tops which are long enough in a size 18-20!! Before i was pregnant i used to shop in dorothy perkins in their tall range as they went up to a 20 but now im pregnant im a bit stuffed!! tried next but their maternity trousers only go up to a 14-16 in the xl u can only get size 20 in R and dorothy perkins maternity is USELESS they only seem to stock up to a 16 and then get told the 18-20's are sold out and dont know when new stock will arrive. so if anyone knows of anywhere where u can get tall womens maternity clothing in bigger sizes i would be much appreciated!!
    rach xx
  • There's a new UK online store that is for tall women with long legs and long bodies, it's called Beanpole Bumps - you can find it through a search engine. They do sizes 10-20 and leg-lengths 34"-37"!

    I've got some of their jeans and they are super-comfy and 36" long.
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