Aqua natal

I have always loved keeping fit since I found out I was pregnant I have walked quite alot but it's starting to tire me out. So I have been looking into Aqua natal. Does anyone else go?
What other excercise is good during pregnancy?

Take care x


  • hi, ive been doing aqua natal since i was 18 weeks, im now 35 weeeks, i absolutely love it, its fun and relaxing.
    yoga is also good in pregnancy, just go 2 a ante natal yoga class.

    lyns 35+4
  • thank you for that lyns I think Il have a look for one of those clases near me Im 23 + 3 weeks now

  • ive been trying to find an aquanatle class were i live but cant find anything id love to do it thow i saw it on a baby program on discovery health and it just really interested me xx
  • Theres only one aquanatal exercise class in my area but I cant get to it without having to catch 2 buses and they only do it once a week and its on a wednesday morning and is a fiver each time so cant really do it as work wont let me have time off for exercise classes! I walk to work and back every day so do 30 mins walking 5 times a week - apparently walking is really good exercise and the rocking of your uterus as you walk soothes the baby


  • I'm sure your work are supposed to give you time off for classes x
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