Hi Ladies

I was just wondering when everyone's bumps started to show....I guess it all depends on your dress size too does it??

I have a wedding in april and I will be about 13 weeks then and I just wondered if I was going to look a little porky or have a nice little bump to show off?? (It is BIL's wedding so WILL unfortunately, if I loook fat not pg, be in the pictures!)



  • Hiya!

    My tummy got a bit rounder quite early on- about 7wks it was rounder, but it was about 18 weeks before it was noticeable and as soon as i hit 20 weeks it just got massive and more massive :lol:

    Everyone is different though! image

    Sharon x

  • I didn't get a bump at all until my due date...I just looked a bit porky! As soon as my due date came and went, my bump appeared from no-where!

    I was about a size 12 (bottoms) so not skinny but not fat either...I really don't know why I didn't get a bump (midwife said that I must have really good stomach muscles...good to know that all the sit-ups I've done over the years paid off) but I hope I get one this time!

    Fingers crossed you'll have a lovely little bump.

    Jaimep xx:\)
  • My bump is definatly showing now and more noticebale than a few weeks ago. I think for most you get I nice size bump to show off from 20weeks.

    19weeks today xxx
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