Am l being unreasonable?(sorry not pg related)

Hi sll sorry to rant but l just wat to talk to some1.
My oh went out on fri nyt to have a drink and said we would spend all day 2day together well we did we bought a lovely jacket for the baby 2day and had a really nice day. All was going well till bout 9ish when he said he was going out again, it turned into a big argument as l feel he wants to go out all w\end drinking with his mates and lm left home alone. I feel that hes being no support to me whatsoever and even though l told him that and l was really upset he still went out. Do you think lm being unreasonable expecting him to stay in at least 1 nyt at the w/end with me as l moved quite faraway from my family to be with him and l feel so isolated. Im still upset and l feel guilty cos l know if lm stressed then so is the baby so lm trying to calm down. Apologies again



  • aww hun i so feel for you, it must be so horrible being isolated. hopefully when lo arrives it'll help you meet new people tho.
    i don't think you're being at all unreasonable - he could at least invite you with him.
    *virtual hugs*
  • Thanx girls we had a long talk this morn and he apologised but he needs to realise its not fair on me to still in all the time so things need to change now esp b4 babys here and he agreed with me so hopefully he means it xx

  • that's good to hear! well done you for convincing him lol.
    here's hoping it lasts!
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