am i being unfair?

Hi, am i being unfair by demanding attention from my partner??
I am 37 weeks with my 2nd child and its my partners 1st time being a dad, i know hes excited and terrified at the same time and i give him all the supprt he needs and im very affectionate with him.
But he doesnt seem to want to come near me! Not even for kisses and cuddles, i thought he would be great supprt threwout my pregnancy, i suggest a back massage or cuddles in bed but he isnt botherd.
This is realy worrying me, i have asked him if he happy with me and gave him the choice to leave but he insists he wants to be together and loves me 2 bits.
am i bieng paranoid and cut him some slack or shall i stick to my guns?

Sorry but i realy needed to get this off my chest! x


  • ah hun you poor thing, maybe he is just freaking out prior to the birth and will be back to his normal self soon xx

    i know my OH goes into himself when he's worried or stressing about something. i try to talk to him but it doesn't help, he just needs space for a while to think things through and the he is back to his lovely self. i find it wierd because i'm a talker and would rather discuss everything, while he is more of a thinker when worried image

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  • Hes probably just feeling the pressure of impending fatherhood hun - my Oh went the same early on in my pregnancy I honestly thought he was having second thoughts and didnt want me or the baby any more but once I started to show and especially after the scan he changed completely and is now really quite good - he cuddles me and bump every night and tells me he loves me then tells bump he loves it lol its really quite sweet! He will come round eventually hun hes probably just worrying as the day is drawing closer!


  • Thanks for the positive replies ladies,
    I hope he will be back to self soon as i miss his comfort!!
    I am a huge touchy, feely person so maybe i am overeacting, XXX
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