Pains are a pain !!!

Yesterday I started to get a few pains here and there, mostly on my left side. I'm hoping this is normal as I'm sure everyone is getting all sorts of pains. I'm just over 4 weeks.

As usual i'm sure it's something that everyone worries about expecially when it's the first time.

Do you think i'm right?

Jules x x

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  • Hi Jules,

    pains are pretty common. If they get really painful or constant I'd speak to your GP or midwife though.

    Good luck!
  • Hi, I'm 6-7 weeks and having been getting pains since about week 4. I've not seen a MW yet but have ended up having an early scan last week due the pains and I nearly fainted. Nurse at hospital said it is very common to get pains in early pregnancy as everything is changing shape however she did ask me if the the pains were central or on one side as this can be a sign of eptopic pregnancy. Don't want to scare you and I'm sure you'll be fine but I would mention it to your GP or MW.
    My pains have eased off in the last few days so it does get better!!
  • I am going on14 weeks and still having cramps. Also my to speak toyour GP or MW (if you have one).i am seeing mine tomorrow!!
  • I might give doctor a ring tomorrow. They're not really bad or constant pains. Jus occasionally i'll get a sharp one on the left or sometimes right side about where my hip bones are. I'm just a mega worrier.
  • I'm 30+4 and I'm still getting pains in either side or both at the same time! Apparently it's muscles/ligaments stretching. It gets easier to bear and you get to know that some positions standing/sitting/lying will make it worse so you avoid them. I worried when I was first pregnant too - it didn't happen in my first pregnancy.
  • im 9+3 and i have pains like you jules but there all normal! its such a worry tho havin pains wen you dont knw if there normal image
  • Hi Jules I'm just over 5 weeks and this is my first also but I have been having very similar pains sometimes it's more like a twinge than a pain, I had mostly in my right side and this week has been mostly left I asked my nurse as haven't got to see MW yet need to wait till I'm about 8 weeks for my appoinment. Nurse said it was normal as it's just your womb and muscles stretching like men try this said...she did say it was a bit worrying buy completely normal and I notice if i have a nice long soak in the bath it eases off for a while!

    all the best!

  • ive been having pains like this since 4 weeks and i saw the doctor about them and there all normal felt a lil silly then lol
    but if its pain during pregnancy always get checked out no matter wat any 1 says!
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