I feel really bad


When i first got pregnant I could not wait to feel baby kick for the first time I was told it was such a magical and emtional thing.

Well baby started kicking about 3 weeks ago now and so far it has felt far from magical or emtional, just uncomfortable and to be honest, a bit weird. Am I a bad person? surely I should get all teary etc about the life inside me but actually all that happens is it makes me jump and need to pee lol. Obviously I love my child more than anything in the whole world but I feel totally guilty for not feeling amazing when I feel kicks as there are so many of your dying to feel the first movements. The good thing is that I know baby is ok whenever he/she kicks but it's just odd.

Did anyone else feel like this? perhaps it's cos it's my first and I'm just not used to it yet. Although baby did have hiccups for 30 mins last night which I could feel and quite enjoyed cos it made me giggle to think of bubby hiccuping away in my belly, it's just the turning over and the kicks that freak me out a bit.



  • When I first felt lo's bubbys i thought there must be something wrong, but his kicks etc have grown on me, now its just part of him growing.
    Dont worry about it
  • I was exactly like you with my first baby, and everytime he moved it made me feel physically sick and like you said increased ur need for the toilet. This time round it hasnt really bothered me, mind u iv prob bin to busy to let it bother me this time. Dont feel guilty i wud say its quite normal to feel like this as many women do. Ull soon get use to it tho and it wont even bother u. Kerry xxx

  • Hey thank you image
    It's just so weird lol I'm quite scared about when I start seeing feet popping out of my belly etc
  • oh babe i was the same when i first felt LO last week. i didnt like it, and it felt really uncomfy. but then after a while im starting to like it now. it still feels little dodgy when im lying in bed at night and i can feel it but hey i guess it is weird when suddenly you start feeling something inside you kicking around and your body moving. lol
  • Wait until you can feel the hiccups S-J they are really cool, not as scary as kicking.
    I suppose I just felt bad cos there is all the ladies on here really excited about feeling there baby move and desperate to feel what I can at mo, but to me it is odd. I'm sure i'll get used to it though image xx
  • Hi Caz,

    I've just read the topics about people being so happy feeling their baby kick and then read yours and thought I'd say hi...

    I'm somewhere in the middle on this topic - I love feeling him move about but I totally agree that it's weird... This is my first too and I've struggled the whole way through so far to fully comprehend what is going on inside me! I see the scans and I get all emotional but I still can't really get my head around the whole thing! It just feel weird and alien and so unreal. Just the thought that these movements are a baby inside me wriggling about freaks me out a bit!

    I know there will be people who can't understand that but there are a lot who do. It doesn't make us bad people. And you are right that it can be uncomfortable and make you want to pee! Nothing magical about that bit!

    Are you actually seeing feet? I've seen my bump jump up and down a couple of times but not seen any obvious limbs. I'm 23 weeks now so I assume it will be a while before that happens. I remember a friend of mine being heavily pregnant and watching an arm move across her belly... It was pretty alarming seeing it on someone else so God knows how I'll feel when that happens to me! My screams will be heard for miles around!
  • Hi Sonia,

    I am glad I'm not the only one image

    I can't actually feel anything on the outside yet and the thought of that terrfies me even more lol I also find it hard to come to terms with the fact that there is an actual person inside me its very bizarre! I don't think I will fully accept what is going on until I give birth and then I'm probably going to be freaked out as well ha! I have always dreamed of being a mum and me and dh were ttc for 7 months and I suppose that you get into your head that it will be all plain sailing cos it's something you want so badly but then things start happen to your body and you're like "what the hell??!!"

  • hi i was the same first time and to be honest still get a bit freaked out even this time when i think about it too much.im not freaked out about having the baby, its just the thought of something moving inside me, i do still find it a bit freaky even tho ive done it before.

    obviously i find the movements reassuring and would worry if baby didnt move for a while, but a lot of the time its really sore and annoying (to be honest) if you want to relax and watch a film and it feels like my whole body is shuddering every 2 minutes cause it feels so strong.

    i think what you are feeling is perfectly normal (well i hope so casue i feel the same) and it doesnt mean you dont love your baby or anything, its another one of those pregnancy things!


  • Hiya hun,
    As you know this is my third and I must say this time round Im finding it really weird. I dunno if its coz of the SPD this time but when Tommy is really low it almost feels like Im gonna get a foot or a hand waving out at me from down below lol

    Must admit I cant wait til Tommy gets hiccups (how far are you) coz I remember those from the boys and they are funny.

    Love Lee
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