Aaaargh, make him stop!

I'm under a vicious attack tonight :cry: I have an anterior placenta so don't feel my boy moving all that much but when he does he really goes for it and tonight he is kicking the hell out of my cervix, it feels like he is trying to get out! Which would be very bad as I'm only 21 weeks. It's quite painful as well image


  • LOL - little b*ggers aren't they! xxx
  • Ha must be something in the air...I'm 20+1 and my lo was going crazy last night as well, for the first time I could see my tummy moving when he/she was kicking which was awesome....

    I wonder if it was a full moon last night, lol!!!

    Hmmmm, I've just had a chocolate croissant and lo is starting to boogie down there again...

  • yes mine was very active last night also,was trying to watch tv but was getting distracted as bump was moving all over the place lol. xx

  • my baby boy is very active esp in morn and at night u c my belly moving on surface image feels rly weird wen he moves but nice too
    abbie n blue bump 23+3
  • I try to see if he can kick a newspaper from my belly. And he did! my baby boy have a strong kick.

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  • My baby is getting so active that it actually hurts when he really gets going! If definately now feels like there's a little human being inside me instead of the alien I've been imagining! lol!

    28 + 5 weeks
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