Argggh my mother!!

She is really doing the hard sale on disposable nappies and we don't want to use them! A babykind advisor came to see us this morning and she was really helpful. I was telling my mum about it and she was saying 'well i dont see why you just dont use pampers' because we don't want too!!! Just been to the shops and had a look at nappies in the baby section, 35 pampers size 2 at ??6.20 thats 5 nappies a day.... well surely you change more than 5 times over a 24 hour period?

The nappy advisor was telling us about a muslin and a waterproof wrap is good for an emergency or when the washed nappies aren't quite dry... as I was telling my mum about what we had learnt this morning again she said 'well you could always use disposables as emergency! and don't think your keeping wet smelly nappies at our house when you come to visit.... it'll be pampers then!'

I spent some time with her a couple of weeks ago about cloth nappies and thought she just didnt understand because she was ignorant :roll:

*bangs head against brick wall*


  • what is it baout mothers?! mine and my mil were exactly the same when i said i wanted to use reusables!
    but they're fine now they've seen me using them. and they are soo much cheaper!!
    i must admit i used disposables for those first newborn poos which were just too messy, but i've had him in reusables since about 2 wks and will be doing the same with this one.
    ignore your mum, stick to reusables!!
    susie xxx
  • I think it's a generational thing as well.. years ago bottles and disposable nappies were the new 'sliced bread' they proberlly view reuseable nappies as 'out of date or old fashioned' but the thing is... parenting is coming back around to that way/school of thinking again..breatfeeding and reuseable nappies are back in!

    you do what you feel is best - my family drives me mad too lol take it with a pinch of salt and know your doing the right thing for you and your baby! x
  • Shes just rung me back and said we should start stockpiling on disposables now to save money once the baby is here.... But I've known people switch from pampers to huggies or shop own brand because they've found one type is better than the other, so even that wouldn't bloody work!!!

    She doesn't seem to understand we don't (well I don't hubby will follow suit, LOL) want our baby sat in a load of chemicals to keep him dry :roll: I might get some biodegradable ones just incase (and a pack for her house) as I'm not against disposables just the pamper/huggie types
  • My mum was a bit sceptical about the real nappies but she never tried to talk us out of it She's brilliant about washing them if we go to stay and things but I do put Millie in disposables if mum is looking after her, just because I can't be bothered to show her how the reuasble go on!
    Think it_must_be_love is right about it being an age thing. My mum thought cloth nappies were a bit odd but always assumed I would bf (as she did), my gran on the other hand, couldn't see the point of disposable but still thinks Millie should have a bottle!
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