FAO Mummyb2be xx

Hey Lyns

Just wondered how you are and if you're outta hospital?

Wont be much longer now til 2 new additions to our family image

Sharon x


  • Hey Sharon,

    Am getting better but not 100% yet, got out of hospital on 23rd. It's been a bit of a nightmare fortnight (in hospital 3 times) but never mind, the end is in sight. They are going to induce me at 38wks, will get a date on Mon.

    How are things with you? Still in slow labour or has it stopped?



  • Hi!

    Glad you're getting better! Not long to go now!! image

    Well, ive not had a contraction since xmas eve, so think she's stopped trying lol. Although, ive still been getting really sore period type pains, was in the bath at 4am the other morning as they were sooo sore through the night, god knows whats going on :\?

    Got midwife on Tue, shes seeing me every Tue now to keep an eye on me, so will see whats going on then hopefully. Last time baby was 3/5 engaged so she's getting ready image

    I just want her out now, getting sooo fed up! If she doesnt come early, i really hope the next 4 weeks fly in!!

    U all organised then? Hows Neal feeling? lol

    Sharon x

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