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Hi all

Can anyone recommend a book that is good for dad's to be, i was thinking of getting my OH one to help him understand a bit more.

I have seen the haynes one advertised but not sore what it like

Any help appreciated

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  • if he likes cars the haynes manual for babies is good full of info or the baby owner's manual is also helpful. it has everything from conception up to 2 yrs in the haynes its hilarious but has things like how to fold terry nappies for those who are going to use them.. and things like a flow chart of what to do if your baby has..... it was a great talking point at xmas and full of things you can pick up and put own type book image
    i couldn't afford much for xmas so it was nice to get him something from baby too image
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  • I got my hubby the Baby Owners Manual for Christmas, as he's a first-time dad - it's humourous but also full of useful info. Think I'll also find it useful, as it's a very long time since I had a baby to look after! Only thing I didn't really like about it is that it's American.
  • Yeah, I got The Blokes Guide to Pregnancy from Mothercare and my hubby loves it!! It's light hearted and informative! But agree, it was pricey! Maybe it's cheaper on amazon?
  • Get the blokes guide to pregnancy, I thought it was brilliant for us too, cos its alot less clinical and basic than our books. Lets face it, the easier it is for the blokes the better. 'Be nice to her she feels like shit!)'xx
  • I got my OH "From Here to Paternity" for xmas - he really enjoyed it, and I think he's feeling a lot more informed now, although it's just from one couple's perspective.

    I got it from amazon.

    He occasionally reads my Pregnancy Bible and there are small sections in there for fathers and for birth partners.
  • i got lad to dad for my oh and he l;oved said it helped him a little but was more like a diary for him to read image
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