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Hi Ladies, perhaps some of you are also in the same boat? I am 15 weeks now and although I did feel different (dizzy, very tired, craved salty foods etc) earlier on, I feel totally normal now! Am thicker in my tummy but not noticably, with no obvious bump! 5 weeks till my next scan and am now wondering that maybe I feel totally not-pregnant because something is wrong? Have had no bleeding or anything to make me worry other wise??
Anyone else feel like me? I know I should count my lucky stars that I do feel fine and I am in second trimester when they say you feel your best, but just am worried!
Thanks all in advance,
Little Toad xx


  • Hey little toad,

    what your feeling is very normal- your in the honeymoon period. i worried when it happened to me at first- but its all just normal. enjoy this time as when the 3rd trimester hits you'll be wishing for these days!

  • hi Little Toad,
    Not sure if I can really offer any words of wisdom but didnt want to read and run. Im sure its only natural to worry but I would imagine that as everything was fine at your 12 week scan and you havent had any bleeding/pain etc that it is highly unlikely that anything has gone wrong. The risk of mc is so low after you get to the 12 week mark and i'm sure if anything had happened you would have some sign.
    Do you have or know anyone who has a doppler? Maybe that could put your mind at ease, or would your doctor or midwife be able to check you over just to give you peace of mind?
    Please try not to worry, the second trimester is supposed to be the best part when your energy levels are back up and you dont feel sick and your tummy isnt too big to be uncomfortable!!

    Take care
    Lisa xxx
  • Hi Little Toad, I wondered how you were getting on.
    I'm only 11+5 so not as far as you yet but all my symptoms seem to be settling down now too. It is a little worrying as it's reassuring to have some niggling thing there just to reassure you that things are ticking along nicely. I'm sure everything is fine though. Most books and internet sites say that things often settle down after 12 weeks so it seems normal for this to happen.
    Have you started buying for the baby yet?
    Bet you can't wait for your 20 week scan, are you finding out the sex?
    Love Sapphire
  • i feel the same and its great so don't worry, make the most of it.
    i can now eat chicken Fajitas yeah!!!!! which i couldn't in my first trimester.

  • Hi,

    I'm sure all is well, it's quite normal to be feeling better now, I know I am and am making the most of it!

    When do you have your 16 week check? The Midwife will check the heartbeat then and that will put your mind at rest.


  • hi little toad - cant believe you're 15 weeks already. seems like yesterday you got your bfp.
    im sure what you're feeling is perfectly normal.
    in the early days everyone cant wait til the sickness goes then worries when it does. my friends have all been the same.
    if you're really concerned see your mw - i see mine again at 16 weeks, what about you?

  • Thanks all! Yes - I can have 16 week check up at Community Midwives so I guess I can book that for reassurance! Hey sapphire - yes, we will find out the sex on 4th March so not long to go now! How are you getting on?
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