Hey all...

Whilst at my mums wednesday, I was eating my salad, she had finished hers so she dished us both a big bowl of ice cream with some choc sauce on the top.....I dont know what made me do it....but I dipped my cucumber in the ice cream and was gorgeous!! My OH thinks im a freak!! My mum says i was swapped at birth!!But i cant be the only one having stupidly strange i?! I also really really want to eat a dishwasher tablet,,..they smell so lemony! I havent for obvious reasons...but am tempted!

Garfield and Bump 14+1


  • Garfield you crazy mofo do not eat dishwasher tablets lol if you like lemony smells go get a lemon image
    The only thing I have craved really is fab ice lollies so not very exciting, but I can tell that you are going to have some interesting cravings.

  • Lol Garfield you made me laugh!!!! only thing im craving is tuna mayo and beetroot sandwiches - is that weird mix??? and dandelion and burdock, tuc biscuits well just food generally!

  • Tuno Mayo + Beetroot? Ummm...that sounds a little strange to me...but i wanna eat finish dishwasher tablets!! So who the hell am i to talk? LOL!! x
  • my only craving has been cadburys creame eggs, cola, and cheese straws, nothing unsual, i was hoping to have weird cravings but havent image lol xxx xxxx

  • hia garfield. iv been craving lemony things aswell-washing up liquid,lemon scented cleaning products etc lol. my worst craving is dove soap though! i actually sit there and eat it! its sooo yummy! hehe xxx
  • butterscotch angel delight & cream soda...................everyday!
  • Maltesers....hmmmmmm!! Nothing strange though, how boring!! Ha ha! xxxx

  • I'm eating pickled onion flavour things like mad! Peanut brittle, ice and milk. No cravings for dove soap though!
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