Monitor is here!!

I went for the Angelsounds one in the end and it came earlier.... I've had a listen found my heartbeat and the whooshing of my blood supply.... I very briefly found the baby but as I moved the doppler to get a better listen it was gone!! Found it once or twice since then but when I press it seems to flinch away from me...

I gather it takes practice at finding the heartbeat, I know the placenta can make it harder to hear,,,,,,


  • Oh good luck - my midwife could barely find my baby's a couple of weeks ago at my 28 week appt! My placenta's anterior but high so shouldn't get too much in the way. She found it for a few seconds eventually but little scamp was chasing about all over the place - the mw even wrote in the notes that the movement was "v v free"!

    Enjoy hunting thoughimage xx
  • The gel is crap!! It dries really quickly and found it really hard to pick noises about from interferance.... I have a bottle of Bio-Oil and thats better, finding the heartbeat quicker and I don't need to use so much, but at least I might not get stretch marks now :lol:
  • I have hired a hi-bebe doppler since 14 weeks. Its ace.

    You can tell the difference between baby and the placenta as babay sounds like a galloping horse. lol.

    Ive stopped using it as much as she moves so often i know she is fine but always nice to have a listen in from time to time xxx
  • Yeah I've had a listen a few times now although it's not quite as clear as what my midwife uses, but I can tell the placenta is a swoosh swish noise and the baby is like a thunder of hooves :lol:
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