Sooo tired . . . . is it normal?

Hi Guys

This may sound like a stupid question but is it normal to feel so tired and useless.

Im so tired and this weekend doing nothing at home made me feel even more tired. Saturday evening after the decorators left I decided to sweep and mop the kitchen floor and afterwards I was exhausted, I was deep breathing and completely shattered.

Today im at work and when I need to stand up to go to the photocopier and sit back down again im sighing and deep breathing again, it makes it worse as whenever I move about I need a wee.

Every day all I think about it getting home having a relaxing bath and getting into bed!

I saw the midwife last week who said my bloods were fine and blood pressure was good and to keep up the good work. She wanred me that the baby wopuld be using my goodness more from now on but I wasnt expecting everything to be such an effort.

Is there anything I can eat that will give me a pick me up as I shouldnt have caffene. Does everyone else feel like this?




  • I am only 14 weeks today and I get more tired and I don't work only housework but I agree with you after doing the housework on Saturday I was completely knackered too. oh the joys of having a baby.

  • Babe I feel just the same. I thought being 17+4 this would be the time I would get my engery back, I did have a very busy weekend but I got home and could not move from the sofa.

    I am at work and feel like it's bed time already I reckon it's normal. I read somewhere if this is right that the baby puts on loads of weight now and fat and so maybe this is wht we are feeling so tired.

    K xx
  • I feel the same too and I am only 6 weeks. I don't remember feeling this tired with my first but this time, I can't keep my eyes open. I checked on the internet to see if it's normal and it read that it can subside by the end of 12 weeks but it can also last the entire pregnancy !!! oh joy!
  • I am exactly the same, I went out shopping on Saturday with a friend and when I got home I was so tired I could have cried.

    I would be interested to know of any superfoods that might wake us up abit! I might just have a little google...

    Bec 29+3 x
  • Im glad its normal but im just so tired I feel pathetic. Everyone says you feel better after 12 weeks - yea right!

    Im so pleased now that im going on maternity leave early, my last day is 12th June. I need to use up my annual holiday before I go. Only 3 mths!

    Ive basically done nothing all weekend but if I could just rest my head for a little while and close my eyes ......

  • Keep me posted on those super foods! xx
  • I am so bad I have even nearly fallen alseep in the loos at work. I would just rest my head for a second then wake up and think oh my god how long have I been in here.

    K xx
  • Im 26 weeks pregnant and felt really tired earlier on in pregnancy to the point where i was more asleep than awake! but after about week 16 it just went. so hopefully this will happen for all you. Oh yeah i found oranges helped because of the vitamin C. x
  • I'm still feeling so tired, and I really thought I would have my energy back by now. I'm a generally tired person anyway, so this is a nightmare!

    17+4 x
  • Oh no - I'm so so SO tired at the moment - but thought it would get better after 12 weeks ...


    K x
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