Had my scan yesterday

The scan went ok, they couldn't see much, just the yolk sac, they said its what they would expect for about 6 weeks but they said they are concerned by my high hCG. Last week it was at 3800 so they would expect me to be further along and to be able to see more in the scan and there is a possibility the baby has stopped growing so I have got another scan in 2 weeks.
I am feeling very down and not sure how I am going to cope in the next 2 weeks waiting for the scan. I am finding it really hard to be positive about it.


  • I am so sorry to hear this but please please don't give up hope yet. I am sure there are other girls on here who have experienced something similiar and when they went for their next scan the heartbeat was beating away. 2 weeks is an awful time to wait though, I really do feel for you. Are they going to monitor your hcg levels in the meantime? x
  • Nope, just got to wait 2 weeks. I thought everything was ok after having the hCG tests and thought the scan was just a precaution. I was feeling really positive about it and expected everything to be great, it was such a shock when they called us into a room for a 'chat' after the scan.
    It's such a long time to wait, they said there is no point having one any sooner because the baby might grow but not enough to show a difference so they want to wait 2 weeks so there should be a definate difference. I am not sure what I am dreading more, the wait or the scan!!
  • oh no hun, poor you. i really hope everything is ok, but yes 2 weeks is a long wait. sending you a big hug and hoping the 2 weeks goes really fast and all will be ok at the next scan. take care. xxx
  • could you be having twins???? would that make your hcg high???
    d x
  • so sorry hun i can understand your frustration at having to wait two weeks - really hope all goes well for you



  • Thanks everyone. Wouldn't they have been able to see that on the scan if it was twins? Would there be 2 yolk sacs?
  • oh huni dont give up hope fingers crossed everything will be ok, i cant believe you have to w8 2 week though,that is awful!!!
    big hugs luv clare


  • They said I have to wait that long so that there is a definate difference in the scan if everything is normal. Feels like a lifetime!
  • Oh darling, please try not to give up hope, I am thinking of you.

    K xxxxx
  • Sorry you are in limbo for 2 weeks hun, i'll be praying it all turns out well for you

    Lisa xxx
  • hi hun im sorry ure feeling a bit deflated , i think it is possible to be carrying twins in one yolk sac as this would mean they were identical?dont quote me as i actually know nothin about twins and high hcg levels ,it just sounds right .....2 weeks feels like a life time when ure waiting for news , i had the same when i was 6 weeks i had an early scan then had to wait 13 days to go back for them to see a heartbeat...good luck xxxxxxxxx
  • hi hun,

    I had this too - had to wait 2 weeks for another scan. My hcg was low - only 991 and not anywhere doubling so they said to expect the worst. But 2 weeks later there was a hb! So don't give up.
    In my case I did end up mcing a week later but with my hormone levels being so poor it was to be expected really as our bean just wasn't strong enough.

    I seem to remember you saying before you thought you ov'd a bit later than cd 14. So you could just be too early. Some people don't see a hb until week 8.

    I had hcg tests on Monday and it was 14866 at 5+3 which is waaaay too high (could be twins, molar pg or high risk of downs syndrome) and have since done LOADS of reading and your levels sound fine - sometimes people do just have high levels, or they find out it's twins. Sometimes you can have vanishing twin so levels went up fast because there was two but one doesn't make it and is reabsorbed.

    Please stay positive. There is no doubt that this is going to be a long 2 weeks for you but I really do think all will be ok.

  • Come back in 2 weeks seems to be a pretty standard response,l I got this too after a 6w scan. I've still got 8 days to wait and have been bleeding for the last 5 days but they still won't see me until next week. I think the only thing you can do is stay positive, I'm trying to and it's getting closer every day.
  • just try and stay positive hun ive bin there and it ent nice place to be wondering wot if? but try and put it out of your mind babe xxx
  • Aww hun, i really hope everything turns out ok for you. I know the wait will feel like forever as i had to wait a fortnight for another scan too as they could only see the sac and nothing else after i had a bleed very early on but at the next scan little bean was on screen and its beating heartbeat. Turned out my dates were wrong. Have my fingers crossed that its good news for you too.

    Suzi xxxx
  • Aww i hope the next 2 weeks go quick for you, it must be very worrying.

    Im sure all will be fine and keep thinking positive!! image

    Sharon xx


  • Thanks everyone, not been on so only just seen your replies. BabyB I OVed early not late so thought I was ahead of when I am. My HCG was 3800 at 4+5 so at 5+3 mine would be slightly higher than yours if it carried on doubling at the same rate. I am presuming from reading about it they would know if it was a molar pregnancy from my first scan.
    I can't believe its only been 3 days since the scan, the days are going so slowly!!
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