I'm so sorry, this is really gross!

Hi everyone,

I'm so embarresed to ask you guys about this but could never ask anyone else.
Its about discharge! Nice!
Throughout my pregnancy my discharge has increased slightly but I have been experiencing a lot in the past 10 days, now i'mstarting to wonder if its anything to do with the 'mucous plug'?
Its clear, no blood in it, but its the consistency of a mix between snot and semen! I'm sooooo sorry! Its not every time I go to the loo but happens several times a day.

Whats made me think it might be something to do with the 'show' is that I went to Sainsburys (to buy all their half price baby stuff - thanks lauren and lola!) and since i've been home i've started getting period type pains and back ache, its been happening for about hour and half and getting more uncomfortable.
I have had shooting pains, which feel like someone pushing knitting needles in me, for the past 10 days too, and one was so sharp that nearly fell over in the middle of Debenhams! SO embarresing!
I've also had aches in my groin for about a month.

Are any of these good signs that I might not be waiting much longer or does this just happen to everyone.

Also i've been meaning to as. Is it normal to have never had any Braxton Hicks?!

Thank you soooo much girls!



  • I dont know babe im due on wednesday and every time i go to the loo i am discharge obsessed!!!!!!!!!!! I would imagine to be a proper show it would have blood in it. It is probably natures way of getting ready. Mind you the pains are very exciting! Obviously not comfortable but it must mean somethings going to happen. I dont think every one feels their braxton hicks i have had them since 26 weeks where your belly goes rock hard then relaxes, but i do no that some people get practice contractions few weeks before the birth which is probably what you are experiencing
  • Sorry forgot to say did you find your notes and did they scan you?
  • I have had more discharge since being pregnant and I know exactly what you mean Amy! I am afraid I don't know what to say about anything else, but you will have to keep up posted!!
  • hi just before i was due i started to get a snot like greenish discharge then a larger amount of clear discharge and mw said was ok and about 10 days later labour started. i also got those shooting pains you describe which i think was cervix getting ready. good luck xxx
  • Hi Amy! I've had really bad discharge all through my pregnancy and lately I've been getting period like pains, but not in a regular pattern. I'm 37 weeks. Sounds like you might be going into labour. Don't panic though. I had my first little boy at 37+2 and he weighed 7lb 7oz and was perfectly healthy. Good luck! XXX
  • Hun, mine is exactly the same!! It's not nice at all!

    It's just been the last few weeks that it's been like that but no blood at all - I think it's quite common as you get to the last stages of pregnancy. Lovely!

    As for the aches & pains, I'm not sure - it could be because Ruby has now changed position and her heavy little head is now resting on your pelvis, especially as she starts to engage. I've had lots more aches low down in the last 2wks particularly (& feeling heavier lower down) so I wasn't at all surprised when the MW told me today that baby was 3/5 xx


  • oo00oo thats exciting yum yum means she's nearly ready image i'm so jealous of you all still have 5 months to go image
  • I've had EXACTLY the same thing! right down to the last detail! I've been reassured by the MW (think i realy grossed her out by asking lol) that its all normal and just our bodies getting ready for birth. The stomach and back pains ARE a form of braxton hicks (tho its usually tightenings too), just apparently we're just lucky they're not as excruciating as other people; but are also baby 'resting' down there. I'm not sure about the shooting pains as thats the only detail i think i left out lol. But are yours in your (what feels like) cervix too?

    Lucy X
  • Ive not had a show of blood but Ive got the rest going on! Im 34+1. When I walk my cervix feels as if it is going to drop out. Ive got the midwife next wed, but I have always thought that they have got my dates wrong by a month! as in June I only bleed for 1 day and then it was really mega light. Normally I can bleed for 2/4 days heavy.
    Will keep you posted.
  • Yes Lucy! Thats exactly it. Did your midwife give you any idea of how long this happens before labour starts?

    It sounds like its pretty normal and nothing toget excited about then. noooooooooooo! I'm sooo impatient!

    Oh and yes, thank you, we found my notes and they did the scaN! Hubby had put them in with all his paperwork and in the boot of his car. he felt so guilty!

    38 weeks xxxx
  • Yeah i've spoken to her now about the shooting pains too n apparently it can happen up to a few weeks beforehand (like everything else it seems) so she wasn't all excited about any iminent birth image Sorry to disappoint, Amy, but it could be tomoro, could be a couple of weeks... who knows image
    Wish i coulda told you something more helpful!
  • I signed up to babyexpert specially, because I read your post and I just have to know, did you have your baby yet?!

    The period-like pains you described, was exactly how both my labours started and my girls (2yrs 2m & 3m) were born 15hrs & 16hrs respectively, after my first twinges!

    All the best if you haven't delivered yet, and Congratulations if you have!
  • Hi Minzeez!

    I still haven't had her! image
    The pains were really bad last night though and ended up in the bath at stupid o'clock in the morning which helped a bit.
    I really don't feel quite right and feel like something is happening but I guess i'll have to wait. Noooooo!

    Hopefully it will be soon if thats how your labours started!
    Thank you for your reply! xxxxxxx
  • comon feb's babe get movin! we wan2 meet u!!!!!!
  • mine has increased alot since i got pregnant. im wet all the time and have to wear panty liners 24 hours a day. seriously, not to be too disgusting but its like a rennie tablet has melted in my knickers (sorry tmi) ive also noticed that it has more of an odour to it so im showering twice a day. its horrible and im verry embarassed of if. oh the joys of pregnancy.
  • ive been gettin alot of braxton hicks sumtyms there v.painful i had my mw app today im 30wk+5 i asked if he was engagin she sed no not yet too early but hes gettin that way so im hopin he comes couple weeks early im due 17th april.
    abbie,hope+blubump 30wk+5
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