what a bargin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol thanks to whoever posted the other thread about freebies!!!!!!
went onto the site advertising free huggies nappies @ sainsburys (nector card only) and was like ill be having some of them!!

went to pick them up today and sainsburys are doing 1/3 off huggies nappies!!!!

well it didnt say if you could use the voucher for muti buys so we thought we would try and see.....
as 1/3 off we thought we would stock up so we picked up 3 packs of 72 nappies!!!
got to till and stupid dumb shop assisstant only put 2 packs through till!!!

normally the 72 nappies were ??8 something each and were down to ??5 something so not only did we get 144 nappies for ??11.00 ish plus 72 for free as didnt go through till the voucher gave us ??3.75 off so we got 216 nappies for ??8.21p !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!



  • wow good work jema!
    i love sainsburys check out people... most of them are alright, but you get some people who are sooooo dozy!
    when i was in sixth form we spent all our frees in sainsburys, and there was this one guy on the till who alsways looked like he was half asleep, said stuff like "good afternoon" at half ten in the am, put bakery bits through at random (cheaper) prices and gave us free bags of cookies!
  • Susie - where's he work - I'm off there!

    Thanks for more freebie tips - love itx
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