Opinions on flying in first trimester please

Meant to be flying to Glasgow on Friday to spend the weekend with friends but don't think I will be going as my morning sickness (er, actually, all day and night sickness) is worse than ever so would be no fun. Even if I was ok, I had worried about flying at 10 and a half weeks pregnant?

Has anyone asked GP or midwife about it? Internet views seem to be mixed.

Thanks for any opinions or advice xxx


  • i flew to canada at 21 weeks, flew home at 23 and i was fine. I asked the midwife first and she said it was fine, just have plently of water and wear fight socks and walk around as mush as you can. Also check with your travel insurance just to be on the safe side. We also made sure that oh and i were sat together and had an isle seat so we could stretch out....also reserved seats near to the toilet as baby likes to play games with my bladder.
  • Thanks bailey_b - that's good to know. Can anyone else help with flying in first 12 weeks? xx
  • Hey
    I flew at 7 weeks pregnant to greece, and back again at 8 weeks the gp said it was perfectly fine and i was worried coz i had a bleed at 6 weeks. so you would be fine!

    Jennie 30+4
  • hi i flew to cyprus in september when i was 5 weeks pregnant.was fine flying by mid holiday tho the smell of the all inc was a bit too much to bear but all fine x
  • I flew to Egypt when I was 7 weeks and no probs at all - funninly enough didnt feel sick on the plane so it seemed to help with my morning sickness! just make sure u get an aisle seat if ur like me and need to pee every 5 minutes! xx

    PS also I took a huge supply of sick bags from the toilet which were great for carrying around in my handbag!
  • I went skiing and flew at 4/5 weeks,i didnt know i was pregnant and so far so good


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  • Hi, I flew to Turkey (on my honeymoon) at 10 weeks (and back again at 12). It was totally fine. Just make sure you drink lots of water and have a walk about.

    My friend is a midwiife, and she flew to America when she was 6 weeks - she wasn't in the slightest bit concerned.
  • Hey there,

    I fell pregnant while backpacking with hubby in australia and had to fly home to the UK at 12 weeks pregnant.. No problem for the baby (she's 5 now) , I checked with the hospital but I spent most of the flight being sick, it was awful.
  • Hi,

    Its fine as long as you are feeling ok, I live in Norway but am from the UK originally so I travel back and forth fairly often to see family etc. I flew a few times at various points in my first pregnancy, and flew with this pregnancy when I was 8 weeks, and am flying again next week when I will be 24 weeks. xx
  • Its fine. i am flying ne to Belfast next week and checked with doc- noworriess x
  • We found out we were pregnant on holiday and I was sick for the 1st time on the morning of our flight home. Managed to make it through the front door 15 hours later before being sick again though I had robbed a substantial number of sick bags on my travels! These did come in useful in heavy traffic in the weeks to come!
  • I fell pregnant in November and we had booked to go to Maldives via Dubai on Boxing day. That meant aq really long time flying 5 hours to Dubai and 8 hours on to maldvies then similar journey home. I asked opinions on here and some people said they wouldnt fly when pregnant is it may have caused previous m/c's etc but I havent read anywhere there is a link. It may be that people are clutching at straws desperately trying to find a reason why they lpst their baby or it may tragically be true that flying did cause their m/c, there is no way of knowing.

    I spoke to my doctor and nurse and my friend who is a long hall air stewardess and after researching found that basically the concern is the air pressure and keeping the circulation going in your legs and drinking lots of water.

    I decided to go on my flight and the relaxing time away did me the world of good as I was quite stressed before going.

    I would fly again when im pregnant but I dont think id fly again in this pregnancy as I think I have already spent too many hours in the air already and if air pressure does affect it in any way I wouldnt like to take the chance.

  • i found out i was pregnant on holiday so flew home at 5 weeks - then i flew again ona2 day mini break at 12 weeks.

    i was lucky i havent suffered any kind of sickness so that helped anyway. my sister flew to america (so a long flight) at around 7/8 weeks and she was also fine.
  • Hi,
    I flew in this pregnancy at 10 weeks to Spain and then to Milan at 22 weeks. I flew at 26 weeks in my first pregnancy too. Just walk around a bit and make sure you keep hydrated.
    Dani 33+4
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