Hip pain - advice needed

Hi girls

Just need another opinion i am currently suffering pain in my back and hips, i have been to dee the physio and she gave me a support belt to wear when walking, This was providing some relief along with the exercises and the sitting on the ball, but the past few days it seems to have got a lot worse even turning over in bed is a struggle also i can't really walk for a long time as it kills my hips.

My question is is it worth ringing the physio ? is there anything she will be able to do? i have another appointment in 4 weeks with her.


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  • Hi Cazz,

    I have had the same problem it started with a little hip pain and has progressed into what you are describing.

    I was told when it got worse to contact my physio and she would see me sooner so I would reccommend you give your a call.

    Do you sleep with pillows between your legs? I have found this relives the pain completely when in bed, therefore making walking around the next day a lot less painful as I have had a good night sleep?

  • Hi girls

    Have rang my midwife this morning, she suggested slowing down easier said than done i know also to try and rest as much as poss.

    I have to see how it goes over the next week then ring back if no better and i have also to keep a log of how much walking i do as think this may be the problem.

    Caz i have tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs and it does help to a certain extent.


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