sorry to butt in- ttc question

Sorry to interrupt the pregnancy chat but i have this burning question.
Am in 2nd month of ttc. Have a 4 year old boy who i dearly love.
Am due AF in 4 days but have no PMS symptoms like i normally do bad cramps, backache, sore BBs etc.Never had any of those things when i was expecting first son either or any morning sickness(sorry for those that do). Also had a second EWCM yesterday and mild ache in left side on and off for last 2 days.
Anyone experienced this in very early pregnancy. Filo x
Ps thanks for any replies and sorry so long:\)


  • hi filo,

    i noticed that i didnt have my usual premenstrual symtoms and tested after 2 days and got lots of positives!
    the pain on one side could be embryo/ligaments stretchign etc, as soon as i found out i was preggers this time this feeling scared the shite out o fme constantky, seemed to start as soon as i had done tests but mw said its normal..and all has been fine since!
    good luck! why dont u get a first response? i used one in a previous preg where i miscarried and had only got a really faint line but was deffo preggers! go buy one!!! let us know!!
  • This is the first time I am pregnant. and have been trying for ages now. i think about 4 years. and everytime those symptoms werent there i thoguht i was pregnant and kept dissapointing myself everytime it was negative. Promise me you will go into it with an open mind and not be too discouraged.

    i on the other hand had normal period symptoms when i got pregnant and aches on the right side.and very very very sore boobs.i didnt think i was pregnant till soemone said give it one last chance just buy one!!!

    my god seeing the + sign had never made me so happy and scared at the same time before. But if you are late. Then i think you can merit yourself and get a test. Just dont be discouraged if the outcome is not what you wanted.

    good luck and let us know!!!
  • Thanks for all the kind words and support. Will be testing in a few days. Am a bit of a poas addict so will try and keep my resolve. Will let you know. Hope all is well for those pregnant and trying to conceive. Good luck. Filo x
  • Ive not really suffered any pregnancy symptoms and didn't with my first son either, then again I dnt really suffer with PMS (sorry 4 anyone hu does), jus adding to say good luck with your preg test and I hope these four days dnt drag to much x
  • Hi filobabe
    Don't want to get your hopes up but what you have described is very similar to my symptoms and i got bfp last week. Got my fingers crossed for you xx
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