Is it positive?

I've just done a pregnancy test and I think its positive but I'm not sure. The dot is so feint, I can hardly see it so I don't know if its my imagination. I really really really want it to be positive. I'm going out of my mind!!


  • If it came up within the time frame then its a pos hun - my BFP was so so faint i almost threw the test away thinking it was a negative but luckily I spotted it on my way to the bathroom to put it in the bin!! Do a test again in a few days time hun and if its a pos it will be stronger then


  • There is a very good chance it is. Use your first morning wee and try a first response test-i found them the best. Fingers crossed for you. Lisa 15+6
  • Mine was sooo faint, I repeated it like 5 more times after, the one I did two weeks later was a nice bright blue line. Fingers crossed for you lady!
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