NHS news from other day....

I thought it was shocking that so many mums & babies are getting put at risk like this, but I noticed it was just for England & maybe Wales (sorry, cant remember). Why did they not survey Scotland too? Im 35 wks tomorrow with my first and have been disappointed in my antenatal care so far, and I would have loved someone to take an interest up here! the community mws have been very dismissive of so many things like GBS - i was told it was rare and pointless getting tested as there was no danger to baby, so I quoted some of the stuff from the GBS website, here and a coupla mags to her and she looked VERY put out (I ended up getting tested anyway but not cos of me bringing it up).
Also our 'parentcraft' classes were crap - all we covered was labour positions, breastfeeding and pain relief - no info about c-sections, the class was told that 'they almost never happen, so dont worry' by the Senior Midwife!! Then yesterday, we had a tour of the maternity hospital - we got 15 mins of 'this is the delivery room & this is the labour ward, oops, someones in here.' some poor woman was in one of the rooms with the doors left wide open and all us pg ppl looking at her!! we were not shown postnatal ward and never got the opportunity to ask any questions! the hosp mws gave the impression that we were in their way (despite them telling us that they were quiet) .
Basically, as this is my first, I have no idea what to expect in labour, delivery, recovery OR newborns care, all I can say is thank god for this site - have found out so much from these forums and articles!!
Sorry for looong rant, but I really hope that the maternity services across the UK get sorted soon!
Thanks for reading, just wanted to get it off my chest!
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