baby back to back

hi i had my appointment today and midwife said baby is back to back, but is head down and in the normal position and stuff.

i worried when she said it was back to back, but she said that this shouldnt really be a problem as it is my second baby, and as my uterus will bemuch more efficient the second time round, it doesnt reelly make the birth longer or sorer as it would with a first baby.

can anyone say this is true?has it happened to anyone with their second and the birth was fine and not any longer than normal?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Sorry haven't really got any advise on second time back to back babies, my first son was back to back tho. However uv got 3wks left yet so maybe baby will turn around try getting on all fours with ur bump in the air (its supposed to help turn baby) and dnt slouch wen u sit coz this encourages baby to go back to back. Gud luck chuck, sorry cnt be much more help, Kerry xxx

  • My first was back to back and I had a dreadful birth, when I found out last week that at the minute this one is as well I was terrified. I can't remember who it was but there was definately someone who had had a really good birth 2nd time round with a back to back. I'll see if I can find the thread and bump it up.
    Kerry xx
  • thanks,they had said the baby had been in the perfect position for weeks, and now the only movements i feel are punches and kicks around my bellybutton so i suspected he was lying that way.

    how was the birth for you ? (just so i can prepare myself just incase it is really bad);19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • hiya, my daughter was back to back, she was like this untill i was in labour, my labour lasted a bit longer as she turned into the righ position at the beginning of labour. like kerrymc said try getting on all fours as ive heard this helps. hope everything goes well for you xx
  • My lo didnt turn back to back until i was well into my labour and then all my contractions went straight to my back and were more painful, however this isnt the case for everyone tho. I ended up having an emergency section (not coz he was bak 2 bak, coz he went into distress), so i cudnt tell u wat giving birth to a baby hu is bak 2 bak was actually like. Im sure everything will be fine for u tho hun and everyones bak 2 bak experiences are different. Kerry xxx

  • Hiya,

    My little boy was born back to back. He had been like that for most of my pregnancy but my midwife told me that he had turned in to the right position when i was about 36 weeks. He hadnt!

    I went in to labour at 8am and the contractions were fairly painful straight away and i found it really painful to sit down but managed fairly well standing up! I went to hospital at 11.45am and when I was examined i was 8cm. Only had gas and air and stood draped over the bedside cabinet for most of the time. I was pushing for about 2 hours and then the midwife decided i needed to be cut as my contractions had slowed down, as soon as she cut me, Joseph literally shot out and he was born at 16.57pm. Midwife said that she hadnt realised he was back to back and would have been born sooner but he wasnt at the right angle.

    He was my first and I thought that was fairly short for a first labour, and wasnt as painful as i expected - i hadnt imagined that i would be able to cope with just gas and air!

    Good luck x
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