lack of movement - UPDATE

My baby has hardly been moving at all the last 3 or 4 days. I get the odd slight flicker every now and again but no kicks or punches like it has been previously.

i know its ok because I have used my doppler but Im worried.

I read online the other day that at my stage, it has a growth spurt for the next 4 weeks and im wondering whether its just sleeping more and conserving its energy??

some advice would be great.

I couldnt get hold of anyone to give any productive help or advice yesterday but a neighbour who is a trainee midwife suggested going for a long walk to try and help the baby shift position to see if that helps.

I called my surgery this morning at 9.30 and although my midwife is in today, she is seeing patients so can only speak to me when she is next free.

I was told that it will be any time before 3pm - very helpful!

The baby has only given me a few little flutters since yeterday afternoon - not the kicks and punches that im used to. I tried loads of ways to try and get it to kick, last night, but nothing. image


  • Ring your local hospital and speak to the dau - don't wait for your midwife to ring you. Good luck xx
  • Try ringing your maternity unit hun dont wait for her to get back to you as you will only get more and more worried


  • I did yesterday but didnt get any productive advice so hence the reason why I called my own midwife.

  • Hi sweetie, how many weeks pregnant are you?
    I know how you're feeling, its a bit worrying when you dont feel your baby move for a while, hope you can speak to your mw about it soon.

    21+5 xxx
  • Try eating chocolate drinking some icy cold water
    or having a long soak in the bath hopefully that will get the baby moving.

    If not go down to hospital just to get monitored at least this will put your mind at rest
  • I done everything to move it - its favourite song that it normally moves to, eating chocolate, a bath, a shower, a long walk, a cold drink, moving positions, making lots of noise, prodding my tummy etc..

    and nothing.

    I did check the doppler last night and the heartbeat is there but im worried that it isnt moving for a reason.
  • I have had days during my pregnancy where baby is more quiet than others. If you can hear the heart rate the baby is probably facing away where you cant feel any kicks. I would keep trying your midwife and explain your concerns. Does the baby feel like its laying differently?

    Take care xx
  • This has been going on for about 4 or 5 days now. The pattern to when it normally moves has changed.

    When I have had the odd flutter in this period of time (like when you are earlier on in pregnancy) its low down on the left hand side. Its not a kick just a little flutter just like I felt when I first felt the baby move at 15 weeks.

    Im now 26 + 4 and up until recently, I have been kicked and punched all day with hardly any breaks and now nothing. Thats why im worried
  • i had this whilst pregnant, i went down to the gp surgery and waited for the midwife to see me, sat there waiting they cant ignore you for that long.
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