Can I eat prawns?

I'm 11+2 weeks, going shopping later and really fancy a prawn curry or prawn paella (the dried one in the pack that you cook in a pan) and was wondering if it will be ok to eat prawns as they are shellfish??

I'm not talking about the big scary ones with the sticking out antenna, just the small ones that come pre-cooked?


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  • i would like to know the answer to this one too as i have been craving something fishy for ages now!!!!
  • hi as far as know you can eat prawns, i completely avoided them with my first pregnancy but i think you can actually eat them, its just that (with even people who arent pregnant) there is a higher risk of getting food poisoning if sea food is not prepared properly or if its doc said eating them or under cooked meats etc wouldnt harm the baby but its just that the illness would be worse if you were preg and it would be the last thing youd need...sorry that was a very long way of saying YES i think you can eat them x
  • by the way, on the topic of foods..does anyone know if you can eat black pudding?i love it and have eaten it twice in this pregnancy but i really really want more!(im just thinking cause its blood etc it might not be so good for baby)
  • Yay!!! I'm getting some later! Prawn curry, it's the only thing that will keep me sane through the sickness! Thank yooooooooouuuuuuuuu!

    Ps, Tashy, what do you mean when people ask you if that's your baby's eyes? why are they laughing i don't understand??
  • WOO HOO roll on prawn mayo sarnies YAY!!!!!! wonder about cockles and muscles too lol sorry but i love crab and the other shell fish in a mix makes for good paella lmao
  • Hi Lauragcam,

    I read somewhere (i think on this site) that you can eat black pudding. Ive love the stuff and had it a few weeks back!


  • Lauragcam...yes you can eat black pudding! They say it's good for pregnancy as it contains high levels of iron, which you need more of now. Just make sure it's cooked properly as it's from pork!

  • I recently read that seafood shellfish etc is fine as long as no history o allergy and is cooked properly - hoorah, I really fancy some mussells!!!!
  • Yes you can, I'm pretty sure. Shellfish is fine as long as it's not raw. I ate some sushi today for the first time in four and a half months! (The type that doesn't contain raw fish, said on the packet.)
  • Tigerlily is right....I havent had time to research this in journals yet, but I believe you can eat fish so long as it is coooked thoroughly. I personally would risk it otherwise. A bit like meat, dont eat it unless cooked thoroughly.
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