Am sad

Morning girls,

I had a fight with hubby this morning while walking to work, it was not huge but he really upset me and I spent 10 mins outside my office crying my eyes out. I just wish he would listen to what I have to say. If he does not agree with me about something he just shuts down and does not talk to me like a little child. I felt so sick as well on the train this morning would have been nice for him to be a bit more understanding and now i am low.

K xx


  • Sending you a big hug.xx
  • Thanks honey image It's so poo I felt sooo good yesterday and the day before and i was eating well again and everything was great, then last night started to feel rough again and then all of this morning and he then goes and makes me cry before work.

    Now my eyes are all sore.

    K xx
  • Big hug hun. I do remember things seeming so much worse also when your in your 1st trimester. Everything used to upset me. I remember crying my eyes out because my oh had taken my photo of he's phone and put the dog on it lol I cried for hrs lol!

    Hope you feel better later honey. Have a nice bar of choccy that helps a treat! x x x
  • Thanks love image I think just feeling so sick as well it getting to me. Nobody knows in my office so I am sat here trying to look normal plus we have this huge lunch meeting today and i just want to curl into a ball and go to bed.

    K xx
  • Hi Karen, Sorry to hear about your row with your o/h, he sounds like most men as they hate discussing things. I hope you feel better soon and the sickness goes away.

    I thought that the worst of the sickness was over and I was coming out the other end but last night and today Im feeling terrible.

    Just think you just need to get through today and you have the weekend off

    Georgie 10 weeks today xx
  • Thanks honey, I know I was just starting to feel better and was a little worried at how great I felt I felt like my old self and then last night felt awful and I still do this morning.

    Some girls feel sick right up till about 16 -18 sometimes the whole way through I really hope we are not like that.

    K xx
  • Hi hun - sorry your hubby upset you.
    Men can be so frustrating at times. My hubby seems to think I'm exaggerating when I say how crap I'm feeling!
    You're not far off 12 weeks now so hopefully the sickness will pass around then - as georgie says just get through today then have a relaxing weekend.

  • image I know I am so over the moon it's friday image This week seems to have been the longest of my life!!! I am not a huge fan of Jan.

    K xx
  • Sorry your hubby upset you babe, hope your feeling a little better now.

    I was feeling good for a few days too but last night I started to feel terrible and I had such bad heartburn that just wouldn't go away. This morning I am not as bad as last night but I'm still not feeling great.

    Thank god its Friday as my hubby can look after our little girl over the weekend and I can relax!

    Anne-Marie xx
  • YOu poor thing you have had a real rough time of it. You need to just put your feet up and like you said let your hubby look after your DD.

    K xx
  • Sending you lots of hugs hun I am feeling a bit low myself have been all week, no reason in particular just hormones I guess - have a lot on my mind and am worrying about everything! Ive read its normal to be other the moon about baby one day and not the next and im just not at the mo and feeling a bit guilty about it.

    Hope you get it sorted soon love

  • My little girl is just starting to talk so when she sees me lying on the sofa she comes over and pats me on the had and says mummy sick its so cute. I feel so sorry for her though coz she's not getting out much, its just aswell Santa brought her loads of new toys and she's enjoying playing with them all.

  • Awww Hunny - Big hugs!

    I remember yelling at OH for hours because he let his mum borrow our carpet cleaner (it looked dirty and I would have cleaned it first!) and then I declaired "i am going to my mum's!" and stormed out, poor man wasn't sure what had happened!

    you haven't got long to go now before you will start to feel better - and the second trimester is fantastic (you'll feel your bean kicking, and hopefully you'll get all your energy back).

  • I am so glad you said that as i have been beating myself up thinking why am i not happy. I got home last night and felt like my whole life was poo when I have everything I could have ever wanted?

    K xx
  • Its these bleeding hormones love - I know I should be over the moon but have found myself thinking am i doing the right thing is this really what I want and I know deep down it is and I know when I have my scan next fri and see my little baby I will fall in love with it - i think its actually just sunk in now after 3 months that I am gonna be a mum one day and that scares the life out of me! Youre not alone hun!


  • sending you a big hug! hope you start to feel better soon. take care. xxx
  • Awww sweetie, men aye! Sorry you're feeling upset, i'm sure he'll be all sheepish and apologetic later, and it'll all be forgotten.
    Sending you big squishy hugs xxxxx (not too squishy tho, dont want to squash young beanio!)
  • LOL thanks girls image I would be so lost without you all.

    Hubby has asked to meet me for lunch and i going to treat me to a hot choc so how could I say no image

    K xx
  • remember me saying in that email to you that the 1st trimester I felt the lowest ever in my life (including after my accident)? It really is the hormones and it will calm down soon babe. Enjoy the hot choc, sounds like a peace offering! Big hug x
  • awww poor you. Hope you feel better soon....

    My hormones have made me an emtional wreck at times and I can get so frustrated with my fiancee over little things - sometimes the arguements we have are quite funny.

    I'm sure you'll sort it out hun xx
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