had 20 week scan

hi girls i had my 20 week scan yesterday and i thought the 12 week scan was amazing but this was overwhelming i saw his spine eyes nose and everything the sonographer was lovely and showed us what everything was and even showed my placenta and said it is a perfect position i also found out the sex of my baby and its a boy wahey im just so chuffed.image



  • Big Congratulations. If ur in the july forum, ill add ur name to our Boy/Girl/Not Finding out list. Kerry xxx
  • Hey hun!! Glad to hear it's all going well for you! A boy eh?!?! WOW!! CONGRATS!! I really want to know the sex, but hubby wants to wait!! boo hoo!
    I have my 20 week scan in 4 weeks. I'm almost 17 wks now! What name do you have for your little man?
  • Congrats on your blue bump.
    vikki xx
  • congratulations hun i really cant wait to have mine xx
  • congrats babe. yes the 20weeks scan is brillliant isnt it? i had mine on tuesday 4th, im 22weeks and it was acredible. im having a little boy too, and the guy we had showed us everything too. he took his time zooming inon the heart (which made me cry seeing the litle beats) he showed us all the body parts. th one thing i found really funny was when the sonographer asked if we wantd to know the sex, i asked jason again if he did, as if no he could go outside while he showed me, and when jason replyed 'as long as there is ten fingers and toes i dont care' my little boy shoved his foot righ up on the screen so daddy could be certain he had all his parts intact. it was just so great. the pictures where amazing.
  • congrats on your blue bump! I am starting to get really impatient for mine - its not till the 13th and will be nearly 23 weeks by then - starting to feel really left out as EVERYBODY seems to have had theirs image
  • Congrats on your blue bump hunny, the girls in the july forum were overtaking the boys by miles!

    Have fun shopping xx
  • thank you everyone in just so chuffed i cant stop smiling
    kerrymc yes im in july forum so please add me to your list

    minime i am on letter f in my names book and found i few we like just turned the pages on them names then gonna make alist once ive got too end although the main one we both like is bevan.


  • congratulations honey!! cant wait to have our 20 wk scan its on 26th but i'll only be 18 weeks then and would've liked them more spread out cos after that will only have birth to look forward to and thats aaaaaages!! xxx
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