Really depressed

Sorry, not a very cheery title but have to be honest and dont know where else to go...still trying to get early scan (MC last Sept now 5 wks 5 days) know its best to wait for after 6 weeks for early scans which is fine, just waiting for GP to call today to try and get early scan referral (as had pains etc) but not had any luck with other GP's so far and hospitals. Cant sleep, have lost all motivation for work and cant snap out of my depression which seems to be getting worse and worse each day. I know its a number of things, worried about MC, lost my Dad last April and anniversary looming - miss him loads, just want to be happier and get on with things..any advice from anyone? how do I make the weeks go faster?


  • hi i lost a baby in november and now i am almost 16 weeks the only way i got through it was to think that there not all the same it is hard and i hated waiting for my scan
  • Hi Helen,

    Sorry you feel so down image

    What won't be helping your depression is all your pregnancy hormones. The chances of you having another mc are super slim and pains in your belly are perfectly normal during early pregnancy. Is you oh supporting you? maybe he can take you out somewhere nice or you can just spend a little extra time together. Make sure you get plenty of rest and just try and relax.

    Have you considered having something like a pregnancy massage or pregnancy reflexology both of these only cost about ??25 and would help you relax.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help hun I hopr you feel better.

  • Thanks, I might look into the massage sounds like a good idea, my oh is fab and very supportive. Work are also really understanding and telling me to go home cause i am feeling so rough.
    thanks for the advice
  • Aw bless - take things easy hon and remember that you're fragile with the m/c and the hormones!

    Massage is a great idea and will help to relax you as well. I lost my dd 3 years ago and know that it is so hard when you are carrying a new baby but missing someone so badly. Anniversaries are the pits, but the anticipation of them are usually worse than the actual day from my experience.

    Sending you huge hugs -nothing can speed the weeks by unfortunately, but you can phone your Early Pregnancy Unit yourself to be scanned - you don't need to be referred by your GP - just tell them you're having problems with your GP and they're normally brill.

    Good luck honxx
  • Hi karen130770, did phone the EPU and they said they dont scan early and that I should try another hospital which my other GP did and they said the same! I am considering a private scan but dont agree with paying as i work and pay my Tax and National insurance! but might have to. thanks for the kind words x
  • Blimey - that's a bit harsh. I had a m/c last year and because I was having a few pains this time round, they scanned me at 5+2 just to reassure me. They can't actually see a h/b, but they could tell me that the yolk and sac were present and it looked normal as far as they could tell.

    On the positive side however, you are only 2 days off from being 6 weeks - I know this feels like an eternity believe me - but maybe wait it out and have a scan nhs. Will they book you in for Monday? You feel like you're begging don't you?

    I phoned a friend of a friend who works in a completely different hospital in the end for advice! I would feel the same about paying for a scan as well - it's different if it's to find out the sex or something but just to find out if your lo is ok is something else.

    Let us know how you get onxx
  • Hi hun I know it's not very ethical lol but you could lie and say you have had some bleeding or severe pains. At least then you might have some peace of mind. But 6 weeks is v. early for a scan. I had a scan at 6 weeks (abdominal) and they saw a heart beat but it's more likely to be 7 weeks.

    Moderate cramps are 100% natural in the early weeks, I had them and I was so frightened because I never even had a period cramp in my life so thought 'I'm definitely miscarrying' but I am 33 weeks now so I know it is just the embryo implanting itself.

    I know it is stressful, I suffered depression early on & I havent had a mc. I was spotting constantly so certain I had miscarried. I had scans but they didn't help my peace of mind as the bleeding wasn't stopping until about week 12.

    The weeks do seem to go so slow but once you reach 3rd trimester you look back and think how it has flown by.

    I'm sure you will be fine, it is uncommon to have 2 consecutive mcs. All the best xxxxx
  • Hi Helen
    I was sorry to hear how your feeling, but also delighted to see that you are pregnant - you gave me lots of support last year when I miscarried twice - look at me know - 32+1 wks!
    You will get there hon, I totally empathise with you - I had days where I just burst into tears and didn't have a particular reason - hormones are wonderful but also very evil things!

    I hope you manage to get an early scan, it does help but you are still on tender hooks - I was until baby started moving.
    I think that's why I love feeling him move so much now.

    All I can say is try to keep yourself busy, but make time for you and your oh too. Talk to your gp and be honest about how you are feeling - I normally ended up crying - it helps them to see how it is affecting you and might help to get an early scan.
    Wishing you all the very best and thinking of you.
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