Bloody Thrush

I think I have it?? I have been really sore since last night and am now wondering could this be a reason for the pink cm?

What can we take for Thrush?

K xx


  • You can take canesten but only on prescription from your doctor, last time i went he gave me cream and a pessary.

    It also helps to eat yoghurt and even to put yoghurt down there! Try and avoid sweet things and acidy or spicy foods, and wearing tight trousers or underwear. Try and only wear cotton underwear and avoid using soap down there, but try and keep it clean!

    hope that helps!

    Cas 32+1
  • Thanks hun, I have some cream at home but would I need to contact my doctor before using it do you think??

    Do you think this could have caused the pink cm or not really?

    K xx
  • Karen I can totally sympathise as I have had thrush for a couple of weeks. It seems to come and go but my midwife said its more common in pregnancy and I have always been prone to it anyway.

    I went to the pharmacy in Tesco's and the pharmacist recommended the external cream only and said not to use the pessary or oral tablet.

    If its really bad you could go to your doctor.

    It could def account for the spotting but I tend to bleed on the outside and only from where I've rubbed everything so much to relieve the itching! Nice!!

    Bec 25w x
  • LOL bless you, about 5 years ago I had it for two years non stop, it was a nightmare and then I broke up with my then boyfriend as I was very stressed and it just went away.

    I don;t really get it much now but it's been sore when I wiped since last night and maybe that did cause the little bleed?

    I will use the cream this evening and weekend and if it gets worse then will go to see the doctor image

    Thanks babe

    K xx
  • Yes, I've had spotting before with it, sometimes just a pale pink ,other times bleeding from scratching, so guessing its that!

    when I went to the pharmacy they refused to sell me anything, even the cream, as she said only a doctor could prescribe it! But he did say the pessary was ok to use in pregnancy, but not the tablet form.

    I've still got some cream left and plan to use it next time, I'm thinking that if he's prescribed it once, it'll be fine to use it again!

    C. X
  • I have not scratched or anything as it is not itching but then I never really got itching with it when I have had it. It could be the wiping though as it was pale pink as well and it was sore.

    Thanks girls this has made me feel loads better so will use that cream this eveing.

    K xx
  • Stress you say! Maybe my hubby will have to go then :lol:

    Glad you feel better x
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