opinions please

hi ladies i am 27/4 weeks and just wondering if its normal to have an increase in discharge sorry tmi!!! also i have been feeling quite sick this last week and dont have any sign of this so called pregnancy bloom i have read about i generally feel like poo lol. tired most of the time is any of this normal??? none of my books tell me anything. thanks gals xx xxxxx:roll:


  • Increased discharge is totally normal in pregnancy. As long as its clear in colour & not foul smelling coz that could be a sign of infection, but even that is easily treated with anti biotics

    Unfortunately not everyone blooms in their pregnancy so that too could be normal though if youre feeling miserable or concerned it would be worth making an appointment with your Dr or mw just to be on the safe side

    Take care & hope you feel better soon

    Hilary x
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